“He is currently under hospital care”: Promoter provides update on boxer Ludumo Lamati following in-ring collapse after defeat vs Nick Ball

Yesterday, boxer Ludumo Lamati was transported to the hospital, and as of today, he remains there, undergoing tests. The most recent information confirms that Lamati’s health status is presently stable, although it will take time to release him.

Nick Ball and Lamati squared off last night at Belfast, Northern Ireland’s SSE Arena. The British boxer ended the South African’s undefeated professional record with a technical knockout in the 12th round. 


Promoter provides the latest health update of Ludumo Lamati 

At the moment, Lamati is receiving medical attention at Belfast Hospital. Even though the South African boxer’s health has improved, he still needs professional medical care until deemed safe for release. Details on his health are provided in an official statement made by Boxing5. 

“On Sat 27th May, Ludumo Lamati was taken to the Belfast hospital. On arrival, numerous tests and scans were carried out. He is currently under hospital care and the latest feedback from the medical team, this morning, is that his vital signs are stable,”

The fight between Nick and Lamati last night saw both boxers battling it out in an effort to extend their excellent winning streaks in professional boxing. But the South African boxer’s endeavor came to an unexpected and horrifying conclusion.

How did ‘9mm’ collapse on the canvas? 

In an effort to extend his win streak to 21, “9mm” entered the ring. Unfortunately, Lamati lost the bout, and his opponent Nick took his pro record to 18-0-0. In addition to suffering his first loss in pro boxing, he lost consciousness all of a sudden.

After collapsing, the 31-year-old boxer was taken away on a stretcher from the Arena. Pretty much the entire crowd became concerned about Lamati’s well-being.

The victor in the ring refused to celebrate because of his concerns regarding Lamati’s health. In a post-fight interview, the British Boxer said, “The main thing is Lamati’s health. I hope he’s alright. I will be even more happy when I know that because boxing is no joke.”

Boxing is a brutal sport, fans watching from the outside often tend to focus on the entertainment side of things but these athletes are out there risking their lives. Hopefully, Ludumo’s incident brings some much-needed attention to the issue.

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