Israel Adesanya’s trainer not excited for bout vs Robert Whittaker, wants Dricus Du Plessis next for UFC title fight: “Hasn’t really done anything”

Israel Adesanya and Robert Whittaker have shared a long and intense rivalry, and if Whittaker wins his next bout against Dricus Du Plessis, they might square off for a third time.

Whittaker hasn’t done enough, in the opinion of Adesanya’s head coach, to earn another opportunity at the championship. Eugene Bareman recently shared what he thinks regarding a trilogy bout between The Last Stylebender and The Reaper. 

Eugene Bareman on Adesanya vs Whittaker 3 

Whittaker is currently scheduled to face Plessis, the number 6-ranked fighter in the division. Eugene in an interview with Sky Sports NZ shared that they’d prefer to take on the South African instead,

“I mean, our preference is not to fight Robert again because we’ve obviously already beaten Robert twice. He hasn’t really done anything since that loss to warrant him fighting again. So our preference would be the South African.” 

The head coach of City Kickboxing isn’t technically wrong about his claim as well. Since suffering his second defeat against Izzy last year, Robert only had one win against Marvin Vettori. Meanwhile, Adesanya reclaimed his title with a stunning TKO against Alex Pereira. 

The Reaper on facing The Last Stylebender :

At UFC 243, Adesanya and the former middleweight champion squared off for the first fight. In only the second round, the Australian was knocked out. They fought again in Texas only two years later, at UFC 271. Despite an outstanding effort from Whittaker, the outcome remained unchanged.

Robert is preparing for his fight with Dricus Du Plessis at UFC 290. But ‘Bobby Knuckles’ still makes it apparent that Adesanya occupies a space in his head and that he won’t be at rest until he vanquishes Israel. The Reaper has stated that he will do everything it takes to defeat Izzy in UFC 294.

“I think there’s another story there. It’s in a new city in Australia, another stadium, I’m sure. This one, it will be a nice day. I like it in Sydney. It will be a sunshine-y day.” Whittaker said.

Who do you think would be a worthy opponent for Israel Adesanya? Robert Whittaker or Dricus Du Plessis? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.

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