“I feel like people need to watch this”: UFC champion Israel Adesanya following Conor McGregor’s footsteps set to release his own web series

Everyone who competes in mixed martial arts has a tale to share about their struggles to get to the point where they have this champion mindset. Israel Adesanya is also developing his own fascinating tale of struggles in a documentary inspired by Conor McGregor.

A documentary named “McGregor Forever” is recently released based on Conor’s career highlights. The Netflix production mostly focuses on the incredibly versatile career of Mystic Mac inside the octagon. It shows many unseen and interesting aspects of the Irishman.

What did Israel Adesanya say about his own documentary?

The most fascinating chapter of Conor’s life is without a doubt how he soared to the height of fame from the streets of Dublin. Adesanya believes he has even more fascinating tales to tell, which is why people should also watch his documentary.

“Even if I’m not the protagonist in this. It’s not about me. It’s just about some other athlete, I feel like people need to watch this. Men need to watch this. There’s a lot of stuff you can learn even if you don’t like me.” Adesanya said.

Izzy undoubtedly has a spectacular tale of how he gained recognition, entered the MMA world, and eventually worked his way up to winning the UFC championship. The Nigerian warrior hopes that his experiences will encourage men to overcome obstacles and accomplish more in life.

Currently, the UFC’s middleweight division is ruled by The Last Stylebender. Izzy draws a lot of inspiration from anime characters because he is an avid anime fan. Because of this, the former kickboxer believes that the documentary will help viewers view masculine traits and many other aspects of human life from a completely new angle.

“Like there’s a lot of stuff you can learn about. Being just emotionally intelligent, being a killer, being a Savage, being a lion but being a lamb Like the duality of it the masculine and feminine within all of us like the balance of person.” Adesanya added.

Where to watch Stylebender, the documentary?

Adesanya’s documentary, like Conor’s most recent one, was created by Netflix. On June 11, the Adesanya documentary will screen for the first time at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York City. According to the producers, the documentary is 102 minutes long and presents the most fascinating aspects of The Last Stylebender’s career since 2018.

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