“I’m fine everyone lol”: Eagles WR AJ Brown brushes off near accident with hilarious response

AJ Brown, the Philadelphia Eagles star wide receiver, recently encountered a terrible situation, and some fans naturally got worried. So to clear out the confusion the WR immediately shared his updates with his fans.

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AJ Brown has been a key contributor to the Eagles— along with Jalen Hurts, Brown helped his team not only win the NFC championship but also reach the 2023 SuperBowl to compete against the Kansas City Chiefs. Throughout the 2022-2023 season, AJ had been one of the Eagles’ major contributors in the wide receiver position with marvelous stats, he ensured 145 receiving targets and scored 11 crucial touchdowns, making him an Eagles fan-favorite player!

The fan-favorite wide receiver stays in touch with his fans through social media sites like Twitter where he recently shared his critical condition. 

AJ Brown involved in nearly taken-out incident

On a recent charity bike ride, the wide receiver encountered a terrible situation. The 25-year-old was broadcasting his progress in the team’s yearly Autism Challenge race on Instagram Live with riding. The former Titans fell into a terrifying situation during the filming process when a car almost hit him, but he got saved almost ‘by the inches’.

The Eagle star was listened to saying, “Turn this camera around … Bro ain’t even peddling bruh” just before the video abruptly ends as his phone drops from his hand. 

AJ Brown current condition after nearly taken out incident

Brown was obviously very alarmed by this incident and, after a while, he tweeted about it, blaming the car driver for running the stop sign. Additionally, he cautioned all the netizens to be careful during a ride.

What did Brown tweet after his life-threatening incident?

“I’m fine everyone lol. Someone ran the stop sign. I didn’t fall off my bike, I just dropped my phone and got out of the way. Stay safe everyone,” he tweeted.

In 1983, Mike Quick led the NFL in receiving yards with 1,409, but AJB broke the record after gaining 35 yards against the Giants on the first play of the game. With scores of 92, 82, 78, and 90 in his four NFL seasons—all of which rank in the top 30 among all receivers over the previous six seasons—he has already proven himself one of the league’s best wide receivers.

Fortunately, his recent terrible collision did not result in a severe injury but if were to take away anything of value from this incident then it would probably be to practice road safety more.

AJ was sure lucky to escape such a horrific accident. We pray he has a speedy recovery and be remain fit for the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts on Brown’s accident? Share your opinions with us in the comments. 


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