UFC icon Conor McGregor heartbroken at ringside after Chantelle Cameron defeated Katie Taylor

In her eagerly anticipated homecoming fight tonight against Chantelle Cameron, Katie Taylor was unable to get her hands raised. Not just Katie but pretty much the entire Dublin audience was left devastated over the outcome. Former Two-division champ and UFC superstar Conor McGregor was present at the cage side and had a pretty visible and interesting reaction to the result.

Tonight at the 3Arena in Dublin, Katie and Cameron squared off for the undisputed light-welterweight title. The intense ring action saw both the British and the Irish fighters engage in strong back-and-forths. But ultimately, one judge scored the fight 95–95, while the other two scored 96–94 and 96–94, respectively in Cameron’s favor, resulting in Conor McGregor being heartbroken at ringside.

Conor McGregor’s ringside heartbroken reaction

Conor McGregor has been heavily involved in the fight’s promotion from the outset. Mystic Mac was an enormous support to Katie as a boxing enthusiast as well as a promoter. 

Conor seemed hyped as the results were getting announced, indicating his confidence in the hometown warrior’s performance. When the second judge’s score had a 2-point disparity, McGregor simply shrugged.

But when the tallied-up final results were declared and things didn’t go Katie’s way, the former two-division UFC champ seemed visibly heartbroken. McGregor landed face-down on the ringside pad, expressing his disbelief at the outcome.

How Conor McGregor got a chance to react at ringside?

The Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron fight was initially struggling with financial issues. Conor at the time was involved in a Yacht controversy where he was accused of beating up a woman near the Spanish coastline.

So when the ‘Notorious’ fighter reached out expressing interest in sponsoring the fight, many doubted the Irish’s intentions. They suspected that the UFC superstar was only interested in the sponsorship to get some bad reputation off his name.

However, the case has since been dropped by the ‘alleged’ victim and McGregor still kept his promise and went forward with the sponsorship pledge. And that is how he ended up at the cage side.

Have you seen the boxing match between Katie Taylor and Chantelle Cameron? Who do you think should have won? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section.

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