What happened between Logan Paul and WWE legend The Rock? exploring post Japan incident

Logan Paul and The Rock were once close friends, collaborating on social media and YouTube. However, their friendship ended after the infamous “Suicide Forest” incident in Japan, leading to The Rock publicly condemning Logan’s actions.

The Rock is a WWE superstar of epic proportions. With unparalleled charisma and exceptional promo skills, he quickly rose to the top of the ranks before leaving the Stamford-based promotion to pursue a career as a Hollywood megastar.

On the other hand, Logan had a unique journey to stardom. He started creating internet videos for a YouTube channel named Zoosh when he was just ten years old. During his peak online success, he developed a close relationship with The Rock and even collaborated with him on multiple videos. Paul also acknowledged The Great One as his inspiration in the world of boxing.

Logan Paul

Nonetheless, the bond between the two was broken after the notorious “Suicide Forest” debacle. In December 2017, Paul uploaded a vlog to his YouTube channel that exhibited the body of a man who had recently committed suicide by hanging himself in Aokigahara, a village located at the base of Mount Fuji in Japan. The incident caused The Rock to sever ties with Paul, given the insensitive nature of his actions.

The video sparked a huge public outcry, causing The Maverick to suffer significant losses, including thousands of followers and crucial brand sponsorships. Paul also disclosed on the True Geordie podcast that The Brahma Bull ended their relationship after the episode, which had severe ramifications for his career.

What happened in Logan Paul’s Japan incident in 2017?

In 2017, Logan, a famous YouTuber, journeyed to Japan and created a vlog in which he visited Aokigahara, a woodland infamous for its high rate of suicides. In the video, he and his companions came across the body of an individual who had recently taken their own life and filmed the encounter while making insensitive jokes about it. This triggered widespread condemnation and disapproval from many individuals.

Why WWE legend The Rock cut ties with Logan Paul?

Dwayne Johnson, popularly known as The Rock, had previously teamed up with Paul on social media and YouTube. But, after the Japan incident, The Rock severed his association with Logan and openly criticized his actions. The Rock expressed his disappointment in Logan Paul’s conduct and emphasized that suicide is not a trivial matter that can be exploited for the sake of views and likes.

How did Logan Paul get into the WWE?

Logan had been an ardent admirer of WWE for several years and had revealed his desire to participate in the professional wrestling arena. In 2019, he marked his WWE debut as a special guest on Monday Night Raw. He subsequently competed at WrestleMania 37, where he confronted Sami Zayn in a match. Despite his earlier scandal, Logan Paul’s WWE stint garnered varied responses from fans and critics.

Logan Paul
Logan Paul facing off Seth Rollins

Although Logan’s conduct in the “suicide forest” still causes controversy and reproach, his involvement with the WWE has enabled him to reconstruct his image and reach out to a fresh audience. Nevertheless, numerous individuals remain unconvinced about Logan’s motives and are reluctant to pardon him for his previous errors.

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