Dolphins’ insane ex-Panthers, Cardinals signing announcement faces ridicule from NFL fans

The Miami Dolphins have signed a new wide receiver, Chosen Anderson, to strengthen the depth on the roster for the next season.

He would be the eighth addition to the wide receiving team, and even with the backup and reserve options, that number still looks to be too high. However, the franchise thinks in a different way than most of the NFL community.

Bringing the chosen onboard will strengthen the offensive approach of the team, the Dolphins believe. Furthermore, it will be a better decision for their star quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, to get support from his wide receivers.

Anderson scored 29 touchdowns, made 375 receptions, and accumulated 4956 yards of receiving with a 55.8% catch rate before his disastrous sting with the Arizona Cardinals, where he stayed only 5 months and didn’t even start a game.

The Dolphins fans, on the other hand, seem confused about how to react to the signing; even his announcement made them ask questions.

How did the Dolphins fans react to the new signing?

The 29-year-old might come in handy with his receiving ability, which is considered his area of expertise. He averaged 44.6 yards per game in his seven-year career; that’s the only promising stat for the fans.

But that doesn’t stop them from criticizing the decision. One fan wrote, “I see we’re using the term “weapon” a little too freely now.”

Another fan compared him with a cake knife, indicating his blunt offensive prowess.

“This dude really changed his name to chosen? Chosen for what? Water boy?” one wrote.

“I was like…. who the heck is chosen Anderson lol…. it’s robbie Anderson ahhh. I know who it is now. Lol,” another said.

What do you think about Anderson? Can he do any good for the Dolphins? Do you have any better players in mind who could help the team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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