Jake Paul gets mocked by fans for sending threats to Nate Diaz: “Storm that sweeps over old retired fighters”

Jake Paul has already begun working out in preparation for his next battle against Nate Diaz. The YouTuber-turned-boxer uploaded some images from his intense pre-fight training session. Fans severely lambasted Jake for taking up another MMA veteran who had retired. 

The highly skilled UFC fighter will make his ring debut on August 5 at The American Airlines Center in Dallas against The Problem Child, according to a formal statement issued last Wednesday.

How did fans respond to images of Jake Paul working out?

In February, Jake lost to Tommy Fury in Saudi Arabia’s Diriyah Arena for the first time in his professional boxing career. Thus, in order to keep up his reputation as a boxer, the internet influencer is taking his next battle very seriously.

Fans immediately made fun of the younger Paul brother after the boxer, 26, posted photos of his workouts with the phrase “there’s a storm coming.”

Umar Suleman said, “Go back to facing grandpas to win.” 

Daniel Woods seems to be still unimpressed by Jake’s attempt at being a successful boxer as he said, “After losing to Fury nobody cares.” 

Jake so far defeated retired MMA fighters like Tyron Woodley and Anderson Silva. Following Jake’s ring record, Kigen Moses was being sarcastic as he said, “Storm that sweeps over old retired fighters.” 

“A furious storm called Tommy your dad?” said a user. 

Andrew, however, commented something in favor of Jake, saying, “Use their negative energy to your advantage.” 

Another user said, “Got to give it to him. He takes it serious.” 

A user indicated that Jake will not be able to defeat Diaz as according to him, “There’s a storm coming – must be those non accurate weather reports again.” 

“Bro lost to a real boxer. Now he’s going back to retired MMA fighters.” another user commented. 

“Lost to a real boxer, so he’s back to fighting past-prime MMA fighters.” Seth Foucault said. 

Just like Seth, Campbell also mocked Jake for picking up yet another fight against a retired MMA fighter as he said, “Oh yeah bro huge storm coming to a retired ufc fighter.” 

“Bro you are fighting Nate Diaz. Relax.” another user commented. 

Lady Shazza refused to accept the word storm considering Jake’s Riyadh performance against TNT as she said, “Storm? More like a slight breeze. Bore off.” 

Jayden Grady, on the other hand, is hopeful that Jake will triumph over Diaz as he said, “Yes Jake you gonna put Nate to sleep.” 

“Training like a mad man to fight a retired non boxer.” says another user. 

Smith, a big fan of Paul, looks like still hasn’t gotten over the defeat Jake suffered in Diriyah Arena as he commented, “Please never lose a boxing match again.” 

Drake Jomma was being absolutely straightforward when he said, “A storm giving away money to remain relevant.”

What do you think of Paul fighting against a former MMA fighter? Should he have opted for the KSI match rather? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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