What type of cancer did Roman Reigns have? Examining the medical emergencies of the “Tribal Chief”

In the modern WWE era, Roman Reigns is the biggest superstar in the wrestling world. He has achieved it all. From consecutive Wrestlemanias to breaking and setting records, the Tribal Chief is at the top of his game. He has held the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship for more than 1000 days now.

Roman’s working status as of today is that of a part-timer. Of course, why would the WWE bring their biggest box office attraction on a daily basis? The battles that Roman has in WWE are scenes to behold, but the Head of the Table has had some life-altering battles outside of the ring.

Roman Reigns diagnosed with Leukemia several times

Everyone remembers the iconic line, “My real name is Joe, and I have been living with leukemia for eleven years, and unfortunately, it’s back.” Roman said this line when, with a very heavy heart, he had to vacate his Universal Championship. He disclosed on RAW that his battle with leukemia, which he thought he won eleven years ago, is now back. With that being said, Roman went on a 4-month hiatus to continue his battle.

Roman Reigns

He was diagnosed with leukemia during his football days. Since then, Reigns has had two battles with leukemia, and each time he has made leukemia acknowledge him! After battling leukemia twice, he was considered immunocompromised and was pulled from the Wrestlemania 36 match against Goldberg for the Universal Championship in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic taking over the world. Reigns won the title upon his return later in the same year.

The Tribal Chief’s current health status following 2020 return

Although battling leukemia twice can weaken your body and make you less immune, the same cannot be said for the Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. He fought the battle twice and came out victorious. Since his return, Reigns has won the Universal Championship and unified it with the WWE Championship. He has not shown any sign of being weak and has asserted dominance every time he has made his way to the ring.

Roman Reigns


Despite being advertised, Roman missed the annual Day 1 PLE in 2022 as he was infected with the coronavirus. It took him a few weeks to return to the squared circle.


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