When Mike Tyson wanted to kick Charles Barkley’s a** after witnessing the infamous Shaq-Chuck brawl

Former NBA champions Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are nowadays known for being co-hosts on the long-running show “Inside the NBA”. The pair analyses NBA games and often gets into hilarious shenanigans. O’Neal and Barkley remain cordial on the sets but more often than not argue about their differences.

However, Shaq and Chuck weren’t always amiable with each other! The basketball legends were bitter enemies when they were playing against each other! Tempers flared and fists were launched during a game between the LA Lakers and the Houston Rockets.

Shaq and Chuck got into a tussle with each other over the ball when Shaq pushed Chuck away. This prompted Barkley to throw the ball directly at Shaq’s head, which was met with a huge left cross that barely missed the Rocket’s number 4.

The ensuing brawl saw both the giants on the floor as their teammates struggled to separate them. The two were quickly ejected from the court and the play moved on. That was apparently that, but there was one surprising party who took sides in the brawl, it was no other than Iron Mike Tyson!

Iron Mike, who is a long-term fan of Shaquille O’Neal sent a threatening message to Barkley! Iron Mike said in an interview that he would kick Charles Barkley’s ass for fighting with Shaquille O’Neal! And from the looks of it, Mike was very serious about his threat!

Here’s the footage:

Fortunately for Charles Barkley, Mike Tyson did not follow up on his threat and really kick his ass. Barkley can be seen agreeing with Mike that the baddest man on the planet could indeed knock him out!


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