Details on why Khabib Nurmagomedov’s nickname changed from ‘bad boy’ to ‘eagle’ after joining UFC

Khabib Nurmagomedov is one of the most well-known and successful MMA champions ever! Hailing from Dagestan, “The Eagle” soared through the UFC and snatched victory against all of his opponents. Khabib retired without a blemish on his record and solidified his legacy as one of the MMA GOATs.

Khabib’s dominance in the ring and high-flying antics outside of it give his nickname ‘The Eagle” its due credit. Khabib was first known as the “Eagle Of Dagestan” but shortened it to “The Eagle” to fit the moniker in an Americanized setting. 

Khabib once revealed that he adopted the particular name because of the name of the district where his village is located. When asked about his nickname, Khabib said “We chose ‘Eagle’ because I’m from Tsumadinsky district and it is translated as ‘Eagles’ district,”.

Khabib has gone as far as naming his new MMA promotion “Eagle FC” as a tribute to his own fighting name and home district. Khabib may live and breathe the eagle name now, but there is a lesser-known fact that will shock many fans! He wasn’t always called the eagle!

That is right, the legendary moniker was not Khabib’s identity early on in his career! It was something that fans would never associate the calm and collected Khabib Nurmagomedov with!

Here is the clip where Khabib’s old nickname can be heard being announced:

The eagle was known as the “Bad Boy” during his early days as a professional MMA fighter. According to Khabib, it was during this time he and his buddies would prowl the streets of Dagestan to look for street fights. Street fighting might be the only bad boy thing Khabib has ever done in his life!

Khabib is usually lauded for his polite and respectful demeanor, instilled in him by his late father Abdumanap Nurmagomedov. ‘The Eagle” is a much more fitting name for Khabib and his fighting style!


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