Who are the A-list celebrities that watched Lionel Messi play? Prince Harry, LeBron James and many more attended Inter Miami game vs LAFC

Lionel Messi has taken Major League Soccer by storm ever since he signed for Inter Miami. He has been unstoppable, scoring goals for fun, and already aiding Inter Miami to win the Leagues Cup, their first-ever trophy. His former FC Barcelona teammates, Sergio Busquets and Jordi Alba, have also joined the David Beckham-owned club in order to play with the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner once again.

Messi has also brought substantial attention to the MLS, and likewise, many Americans have also taken an interest in Messi. Many fans have come to watch him play, but it is not just regular citizens coming to watch him, as celebrities often come to the stadium to watch La Pulga Atomica play. It wasn’t any different on Inter Miami’s Sunday game against Los Angeles FC.

Full star-studded list of celebrities that came to see Lionel Messi’s Inter Miami play vs. LAFC

Yesterday, Inter Miami faced the reigning MLS champions Los Angeles Football Club in their stadium. The game ended 3-1, with Messi having two assists to add to his growing record.

But aside from his performances, another highlight was the number of A-list celebrities that came to yesterday’s match. A great number of celebrities came to witness the game, including stars like Will Ferrell, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and Tyga among many others. Even Prince Harry was in attendance yesterday to watch Messi play.

Most celebrities do live in California which explains why the attendance was fully packed with such stardom.

LAFC even released a list of all the supporters, with it getting much traction on social media. The list mentions some 38 celebrities who attended the match.

Here is the whole list of celebrities down below, as compiled by the Mirror.

Alemán – Music Artist

King Bach – Comedian / Content Creator

BReal – Cypress Hill/music artist

Mookie Betts – LA Dodgers

Connie Britton – Actor

Gerard Butler – Actor

Jaime Camil – Actor

Leonardo DiCaprio watched on as Inter Miami and Lionel Messi played LAFC

Leonardo DiCaprio – Actor

James Harden – NBA Player/76ers

Tom Holland – Actor

Bobo – Cypress Hill/music artist

Tom Ellis – Actor

Will Ferrell – LAFC Owner/ Actor

Liam Gallagher – Music Artist

Selena Gomez – Actor/Music Artist

Brendan Hunt – Actor

LeBron James – NBA Player/Lakers

Prince Harry looks on as he watches Lionel Messi in action before meeting superstar Will Ferrell

Clayton Kershaw – LA Dodgers

Prince Harry – Royal

Magic Johnson – LAFC Owner

Mario Lopez – Actor/Access Hollywood

Xolo Mariduena – Actor

Toby McGuire – Actor

Nas – Music Artist

Ed Norton – Actor

Shavo Odadjian – System of a Down/Music artist

Glen Powell – Actor

Selena Gomez's reaction to Lionel Messi during soccer game is a 'mood' -  India Today

Rage Against The Machine – Music Artist

Rufus de Sol – Music Artist

Hannah Stocking – Comedian / Content Creator

Jason Sudeikis – Actor

Oliver Trevena – Actor

Tyga – Music Artist

Julio Urias – LA Dodgers

Owen Wilson – Actor

Soccer supporters reacts to A-list celebs who attended Lionel Messi vs LAFC

The released list received much attention on social media, becoming viral very quickly. Many soccer fans took to social media to show their awe at Lionel Messi and his ability to pull so many stars to his games.

One Twitter user showed his awe at seeing so many celebrities from Hollywood saying, “Damn half of Hollywood is there for the game.”

Another said that Messi has now become the face of soccer, “Messi is the face of football without a doubt.”

A third exclaimed that the Argentine is now not only soccer’s GOAT, but even the celebrity GOAT, “He’s the Goat of celebrities.”

All of these further prove the global pull of Lionel Messi. After winning the World Cup and moving to Miami, Lionel Messi has certainly become the undisputed face of the sport. The Argentine has many more matches left, and we could see even more celebrities pull up to watch him.

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