Who is Sheffield Wednesday fan, Dale Houghton, facing potential imprisonment over Bradley Lowery ‘mockery’?

Football as a sport captures the essence of respect and love, connecting fans around the globe with a shared passion for the beautiful game. In its simplicity, it unites people and cultures and teaches us the values of sportsmanship and harmony.

Yet, in a recent EFL Championship Match between Sheffield Wednesday and Sunderland on Saturday, two Sheffield supporters mocked the opponent team by displaying a picture of Sunderland mascot Bradley Lowery who passed away at age six. 

Dale Houghton pleads guilty to public order offence

Two Sheffield Wednesday fans taunted the Sunderland away fans during their game last Saturday by showing a photo of Sunderland mascot Bradley Lowery who died in 2017 at just the age of six due to cancer. It came after the Sunderland supporters were celebrating their 3-0 victory over the host. 

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Two fans at Hillsborough displayed a photo of Bradley on their phone to Sunderland supporters. Bradley, a devoted Sunderland fan who tragically passed away at a young age, supported the Black Cats throughout his brief life. This condemnable incident has been widely circulating on social media over the past few days.

Subsequently, the two individuals involved in the incident were arrested, and Dale Houghton, aged 31, confessed to a public order offense at Sheffield Magistrates Court. The judge also criticized his “utterly unacceptable” conduct, and he is set to be sentenced on November 17th.

Bradley’s story deeply moves every football fan; despite battling neuroblastoma, a rare cancer since he was just 18 months old, his unwavering love for Sunderland and the game was evident. Sadly, Bradley passed away in July 2017 at the age of six.

Sheffield Wednesday fans donate over $7000 to charity

The fans of Sheffield Wednesday organized a fundraiser for the Bradley Lowery Foundation after one fan’s shameful act of mocking the child, who was a dedicated Sunderland follower, following his passing.


The donation campaign has already exceeded the £18,500 mark. It was initiated by Leanne Wood, a Sheffield Wednesday supporter after she came across the incident images on social media. Several Wednesday players have also contributed to this special cause.

Leanne Wood collaborated with the Bradley Lowery Foundation, a charity founded by Bradley’s family to aid and support other children battling neuroblastoma. Initially aiming for £5,000, the donations from fans and various individuals have far exceeded the target. Bradley Lowery’s story continues to live on in the hearts of Sunderland fans, and fans of the sport at large.

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