2 years after getting backup call from Edge, Dax Harwood reacts to Adam Copeland turning All Elite

The wrestling world was shocked when Edge made his AEW debut under his true name, Adam Copeland. According to AEW insiders, the organization is excited about his signing. Others, like Dax Harwood, have commented on Edge’s debut, despite no direct reaction from a big WWE superstar.

When Edge approached the potentially final match of his WWE career on WWE SmackDown, FTR’s Dax Harwood had some thoughts on what might come next for him.

Dax Harwood reacts to Edge’s AEW debut

It’s no surprise that multiple ex-WWE stars have joined AEW in recent years, considering Tony Khan’s commercial savvy and willingness to work with talent from WWE. The probable arrival of a former WWE star in AEW, however, usually causes a stir of anticipation among fans. 

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Edge, a legend in his own right, has finally arrived, creating an uproar. Fans are now curious to see whether that night’s incident would spark a rivalry between him and Cage. However, another of Edge’s friends known as “Uncle Drax” recounted an incident from around two years ago when the rated-R-star called FTR for assistance.

During an episode of WWE SmackDown on October 1, Seth Rollins broke into Edge’s house, prompting the 49-year-old former champion to contact AEW wrestlers Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood for help.

The actions of Rollins on that Friday night left Edge astonished. When Rollins arrived at his house, he even contacted Beth Phoenix, his wife, and suggested going to her brother’s home. Drax Harwood shared a tweet from one of his engaged fans about this interesting incident.

Adam Copeland’s real-life bond with FTR

Edge might team up with Christian Cage again, but he’s also friends with FTR, who assisted him during his wrestling comeback after a long neck injury. Considering how often FTR appears on the program today, it would be fantastic to see Edge perform on the Saturday night edition of Collision. Edge might be a huge attraction for AEW, which could need it in the autumn when it competes with college football.

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Once, Edge and Beth Phoenix paid respect to the former AEW tag champions FTR by using the Shatter Machine finishing during their bout at Elimination Chamber. His comeback from head and neck injuries was aided by his time spent with FTR. 

Besides, nobody can forget that moment when Edge called Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood to help him like a mad person in 2021. When speaking with Beth Phoenix, Edge highlighted FTR’s impending arrival by saying, “Daniel and David are coming.” Edge, Cash Wheeler, and Dax Harwood are close friends in real life because they have mutual respect for one another’s talents.

Do you recall the story Dax Harwood just shared, or did you happen to be absent when it happened two years ago? Use the comment section to continue a discussion.


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