Former rival points to UFC 281 loss as key factor in Israel Adesanya’s shocking result vs Sean Strickland

Yoel Romero discussed the connection between Israel Adesanya’s UFC 281 loss to Sean Strickland and his previous defeat to Alex Pereira, providing an in-depth analysis. Adesanya experienced one of the biggest upsets in his career last year when he was defeated by his arch-rival Alex Pereira.

Since that loss, The Last Stylebender has faced a series of setbacks and recently lost his title. Romero delved into the details, explaining the what, how, and why behind these events.

Yoel Romero links Adesanya’s recent loss to previous Alex Pereira encounter

Yoel Romero appeared on Kenpai Media, initially discussing his own fights. However, the conversation later shifted to the Israel vs. Sean fight. Yoel expressed his opinion that Israel was overly active and needed to take some rest.

He also drew a connection between Israel’s first fight against Alex and his recent fight against Sean, suggesting that Israel wasn’t physically or mentally prepared for the latter. Yoel felt that Sean Strickland deserved a chance at the moment.

Yoel said that Isreal should not go for the rematch now and should let Sean fight someone else as he wants Izzy to be in the right physical and mental state to take that fight against Sean.

He further added that Izzy looked way better in the second fight against Alex and said that Izzy proved his prowess by overcoming a loss and converting it to a win, while a lot of people doubted him.

Israel Adesanya’s shocking loss at UFC 281

At the time of UFC 281 Izzy was looking unbeatable, with The Last Stylebender styling over his opponents and beating them with ease. Izzy seemed confident in his ability to put any fighter down.

He was the fan favorite with famous rapper Drake even putting huge sums of money on him to win the fight, yet the result that night was anything but close to the predictions with Alex picking up the win.

According to Yoel Izzy was not in the right mental state to be agreeing to the fight and he should have not been that active in the scene at that time. Yoel felt that if izzy was well rested the outcome could be different .

Fans also thought that the fight was a close one with both fighters going head to head but Izzy could not make it to see the bell. Although this loss did not hinder Izzy much as he got back up put on his gloves and said that he wanted to be the first one to fight Alex again.

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