Dillon Danis calls KSI a ‘nobody’ while claiming Logan Paul was drunk during their face to face

Dillon Danis

Dillon Danis calls KSI a ‘nobody’ and claims that logan paul was drunk during the face off of their anticipated bout on october 14th prime card. The jiujitsu black belt has been engaging in a war of words with Logan Paul and his fiancée in the lead-up to their fight.

This feud between the WWE superstar and the MMA star has been ongoing for more than four years. Dillon Danis was originally slated to face KSI on January 14, 2023, but he withdrew from that fight. Now, he’s set to fight Logan Paul, who is a business partner of KSI.

Dillon Danis explains his decision to not fight KSI calling him a “nobody”

Dillon Danis claims that the reason why he did not fight KSI on their scheduled fight on Misfits 004 was the fact that the his beef was with the paul brothers and not against KSI. El Jefe calls KSI a ‘nobody’ in the process

However, It’s a known fact that dillon did not have a camp or a coach and also that his dad passed away not too long ago. Dillon explains the fact that the original beef was with the paul brothers, from one stealing others girlfriend to guns getting pulled on mike majlak (logan paul’s bestfriend) to now twitter war in which dillon has thrashed logan paul’s fiancée.

Dillon Danis claims Logan Paul was drunk during their face to face

Dillon Danis claims that Logan Paul was drunk during their face-off for their fight, which is scheduled for the Misfits Prime card. This fight buildup has been quite intense, with Dillon using derogatory terms to describe Logan’s fiancée and Logan making claims about Dillon Danis and Conor McGregor having had sexual relations.

When these two finally met for the face-off, Dillon was late, and Logan Paul alleged that Danis locked himself in his hotel room and refused to come out.

When Dillon Danis finally showed up for the face-off, Logan was quite aggressive, using props and even betting on a printed picture of Dillon Danis getting choked out by a bouncer. Dillon claims that he saw this coming and now alleges in an interview with Ariel Helwani that Logan was drunk during the face-off.

According to Dillon, the tropical punch red prime bottle Logan had actually contained vodka, which delayed his response.While many fans online believe Dillon won the face-off, he remains the underdog in the boxing fight scheduled for October 14th. Dillon insists that he will beat Logan and dismisses it as not even a real fight.

Dillon also mentions that the lawsuit filed against him by Nina Agdal has affected him, and Misfits has imposed a $100k fine if Dillon doesn’t show up for the fight for non-medical reasons. With Mike Perry as the backup opponent, Logan Paul is all set for the prime card fight, with KSI vs Tommy Fury as the headline.


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