Who is Simona Halep husband Toni Iuruc? inside their love story

Romanian tennis sensation Simona Halep has twice been ranked as World No. 1 in 2017 and 2018 for her extraordinary skills and consistency that allowed her to shine in this year’s Wimbledon as well.

Ms. Halep beat another star, Paola Badosa of Spain, to progress into the quarterfinals in Britain and constantly received motivation from her husband, Mr. Toni Iuruc, from the audience stand, who is a notable figure in their native country.

Now, let’s dig deep to learn more about Toni Iuruc.

How Simona Halep and toni iuruc met?

Simona Halep and Toni Iuruc started dating last year, few years before getting married to each other and rumors are that they first met at several professional tennis tournaments across Europe.

When Simona Halep and Toni Iuruc married?

Professional tennis star Simona used to have a long time relationship with the Romanian business magnet Toni and they spotted dating in various parts of the world that spans from Europe to nearby continents.

After dating for a significant amount of time, the couple decided to get married on the fall of last year and therefore they fixed their marriage date on 15 September, 2021 when Toni surprised Simona with a grand wedding ceremony in Romania.

Simona & Toni’s Wedding Ceremony

Simona Halep and toni iuruc relationship timeline

The relationship between Simona Halep and her husband Toni is going through a honey moon phase as of today and prior to their marriage they both showed deeper connection with each other in terms of commitment and confidence. 

Simona & Toni

As a result, Toni cares for his wife much more than his previous wives despite spending less time with the tennis star at their residence in Romania and it is also rumored that they will soon try to become parents right after Simona’s current Wimbledon journey. 

What does Simona Halep’s husband do for a living?

Halep’s spouse Mr. Toni is living a lavish life since establishing his own business at a very young age and his business philosophy works with expanding the ventures on profitable business sectors.

Toni Iuruc

As of today, Simona’s husband is a VIP in Romania who is also a successful businessman, a winning investor, a notable philanthropist and owns six business conglomerates across Romania.

what is Simona Halep’s husband net worth?

As of today, Toni Iuruc’s net worth stands at an astronomical $3 billion. As a noteworthy investor, Toni Iuruc lives a luxurious life with super cars, state-of-the-art mansions and other amenities.

who are Toni Iuruc ex wives? why did they break up? 

Toni Iuruc and Simona Halep have been living together peacefully for a few years, but Toni previously lived with two other women before Simona, and his two ex-wives were model Arina, who divorced Toni after a short time, and Liana, who broke up with Iuruc due to personal issues.

Both of Toni’s ex-wives were Romanian citizens, and Simona got into a relationship with the billionaire even after knowing about his former wives. So, it is thought that Halep surely loves Tony more than the previous wives. 


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