Who to feature in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ season 2? exploring QBs who turned down the offer after successful season 1 featuring Patrick Mahomes

The ‘Quarterback’ documentary series which was released this year garnered a lot of attention. The series centers around Kirk Cousins, Patrick Mahomes, and Marcus Mariota. It shows how it feels like to be a quarterback both on and off the field. The positive response the series received has led to the creation of its second season. 

As confirmed by some sources, there will be a second season of Quarterback. Let’s find out who are the top potential players to feature in season 2 of this documentary and which players turned down the offer to get featured in the documentary. 

Who to feature in Netflix’s ‘Quarterback’ season 2?

There are many great quarterbacks in the league who can get the chance to be a part of this popular series. However, currently, the three ideal candidates are Josh Allen, Mac Jones, and Zach Wilson. 

Josh Allen, the quarterback of the Buffalo Bills can be a great choice for this documentary. He has led his team to the playoffs four times and also made the Pro Bowl twice. Allen is expected to lead his team to new heights of success this time which can be a great plot for the documentary. 


The second ideal candidate is Mac Jones, the quarterback of the New England Patriots. He led his team to a 10-7 record and a playoff appearance. He’ll be the best addition to the Netflix documentary if he agrees. 

Last but not least, Zach Wilson will also be a great choice for this documentary. Although he had a poor rookie season and showed no progress in the last season, he is expected to improve this season. Documenting his journey to start over can be a great addition. 

Justin Fields and other quarterbacks declined Netflix’s invitation to star in series

Even though the Quarterback documentary was a great success some quarterbacks declined the offer when they were approached. Justin Fields is one of them.


Fields shared that he was approached for the documentary but declined the offer because he wants to keep everything natural. He shared that if cameras enter the organization, it will change the environment of the organization. 

 “Just having cameras around the building, I think that might change the vibe of everyone. I just want to keep it natural and organic and really just focus on what’s going on in the building.”

Fields could be a great addition to the series but his decision to deny the offer is also valid. He wants all the players to focus on their goal, to show remarkable performance on the field, and not get distracted by cameras.

Even last year, there were quarterbacks who declined the offer of season 1 of this series, including Matthew Stafford. His wife Kelly shared that his husband was offered the documentary, but he turned down the offer. She said, “They approached Matthew last year for this show. He turned it down.” 

Again, the reason was that Mathew didn’t want cameras in his organization. 

“He’s like, ‘I don’t want my teammates to deal with cameras in the locker room. Here, there, whatever.’”

The main reason why NFL players are not adamant about being a part of this series is the fear of an invasion of their team’s privacy. Also, having cameras in the organization can become a source of distraction for everyone. 

It is on the producers now to persuade the quarterbacks and make another season for the fans of the series. Let’s wait and watch which three quarterbacks will decide to invite the cameras into their organization and become a part of Quarterback Season 2.

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