Why don’t Jake Paul and KSI fight? Exploring reasons behind delayed boxing match

KSI is a YouTuber, a rapper, and a boxer; so many talents are under one roof. On the other hand, Jake Paul is a social media sensation and a professional boxer. The duo developed a long-standing rivalry that is still going on.

And once again, KSI has stirred up the fire of animosity calling out Jake again for a bout. So, it is time to discover more about their potential fight.

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Why fight between Jake Paul and KSI never happened?

KSI called out both of the Paul brothers, Jake and Logan in a bout in 2018. Then Logan responded and appeared in two fights with the rapper. The first bout was a draw but in the second, KSI snatch the crown of victory in 2019.

However, the British YouTuber set his eyes on the other Paul brother, Jake who won a bout against KSI’s younger brother Deji.

But initially, the fight couldn’t take place as KSI shifted his attention towards the music industry and content creation while Jake was moving forward with his boxing career.

Will Jake Paul vs KSI fight ever happen?

This question is floating around people’s minds for long if these YouTube sensations will ever fight. But there is a possibility of this epic fight to occur in late 2023. While enjoying his victory over FaZe Temperrr who was knocked out in the first round, KSI called out for a bout with Jake again.

So, although there is no official proclamation of the fight, it is observing a ray of hope. Furthermore, the manager of KSI revealed the fact that there is a discussion going on between KSI’s team and Jake’s team for the bout.
The rapper seemed very excited over the bout with Jake that he shared his willingness to share the purse with his opponent.

As the countdown has already begun, it remains to be seen who reigns over the ring in the epic bout between KSI and Jake as both are hoping to snatch away the ultimate glory. Who might win in the fight according to you? Let us know in the comment section.

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