Why is Kansas City called Chiefs? exploring origin of Super Bowl LVII winner’s name

Kansas City Chiefs are one of the most dominating teams in the NFL. It was founded in 1959 by the skillful hands of a businessman called Lamar Hunt. During its founding time, it was known as Dallas Texans which eventually got changed to its current name in 1963.

Till now this team has won three Super Bowls and has a solid fan base across the globe. Let’s explore the reasons why the team is called Chiefs.

Why Kansas City Bears the Title of Chiefs?

The NFL team is indebted for their title to H. Roe Bartle, the Mayor of Kansas in 1960. When Lamar Hunt established the team, the Mayor took great interest in his city’s team and contributed a lot to its betterment.

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Therefore in 1963, following his nickname which was ‘Chief’ a tribute was entitled to him by attaching the name after the team’s initial name. During the early nineties, the word Chiefs was used to refer to the Native American Indian tribes.
As a result, many associate the naming of Kansas City Chiefs was focused on paying homage to a particular culture

although each time the team has denied such a claim calling the idea of using the word entirely promotional strategies.

Native American advocates protest Kansas City Chiefs name before Super Bowl LVII

North American advocates have been very vocal about cultural issues associated with the team name, its logo, and its theme. Moreover, they are urging the team to change all of those offensive elements that make it favorable to a particular culture.

The advocates also took some concrete stances over the issue filling a case against the team during Super Bowl LVII. Moreover, their put pressure on the team’s management and sponsors to think about the matter seriously and alter its name.

Patrick Mahomes is a star player on the team and won numerous MVPs with the Chiefs. Moreover, the team depends on its star player heavily to chase victory. Do you think Kansas City is a top-notch NFL team? Share your opinion in the comment section.


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