NFL Trade Rumors: Cowboys emerge as potential landing spot for free agent DeAndre Hopkins after Bills and Chiefs

DeAndre Hopkins, a three-time All-Pro wide receiver, was released by the Cardinals this month, and even before the rumor of his potential departure from the Cardinals surfaced, the NFL world was speculating about where the wide receiver might end up next.

The Cards announced last week that they would not be able to add Hopkins to their 2023 roster due to salary cap restrictions after not succeeding to find another team to trade during the offseason.

NFL Rumors: Potential frontrunner emerges for DeAndre Hopkins

Which are the potential landing spots for free agent DeAndre Hopkins?

The wide receiver, a three-time All-Pro, had a standout career in Arizona, and following his release from the team, many teams are vying to sign the veteran WR to their roster, warming up the market for him. The Falcons, Ravens, Bills, Raiders, Patriots, and Chiefs are the teams that may seem interested in the former Cardinal player but no specific information regarding his next destination has been discovered.

However, the 30-year-old has jokingly stated his unwillingness to be traded to the New York Jets or New England Patriots and also hinted with his body language that he has a desire to join the Buffalo Bills or the Kansas City Chiefs squad as he grinned and nodded in agreement to joining those two teams during a CBS Sports “All Things Covered” podcast interview.

DeAndre Hopkins trade speculation, rumors swirl for Arizona Cardinals

So, it can be said that Bills and chiefs are on the first row of the queue. Additionally, cornerback Adam Jones stated on the “Pat McAfee Show” that he preferred to see the wide receiver play for the Ravens or Bills. Furthermore, the Dallas Cowboys are hoping to sign him in addition to veteran players Michael Gallup, Brandin Cooks, and CeeDee Lamb at this position.

Hopkins previously stated that he desired stable management, so the team that could offer the player his desired criteria could win him and ultimately add him to their roster.

“What I want is stable management upstairs,” he said. “I think that’s something I haven’t really had the past couple years of my career coming from Houston and then to Arizona. I’ve been through three or four GMs in my career, so a stable management. A QB who loves the game, a QB who brings everybody on board with him and pushes not just himself but everybody around him. And a great defense. A great defense wins championships.”

Will the Cowboys secure the highly sought-after wide receiver? estimates that the Cowboys has capital available for about $14 million, additionally, the WR had no guaranteed money left on his contract. Therefore, Chiefs supporters can anticipate a daring move from the team to sign DeAndre to their roster. The fact that they still need to sign Rashee Rice, a rookie, is something they must keep in mind.

Bleacher Report has a trade idea sending DeAndre Hopkins to the Saints

They don’t necessarily require a second high-paying target, but Hopkins’ addition will give them better depth and make them more competitive in the NFC’s wide-open division.

Aaron Rodgers wanted to play for the Jets, and he eventually made that happen. It will be interesting to see if Hopkins can end up on the roster of the Bills or Chiefs and achieve his goal as Rodgers did.


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