Why is MMA star Henry Cejudo called Triple C? Exploring UFC 288 fighter’s unique moniker

Henry Cejudo is a professional mixed martial artist who holds expertise as a freestyle wrestler as well. The fighter holds championships in two UFC weight divisions including Flyweight and Bantamweight. Besides, he has acquired an Olympic gold medal as well.

This fighter gave himself a unique moniker known as Triple C. So, it is time to unfold the reasons why he chooses such a nickname.

Why is MMA star Henry Cejudo called Triple C?

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Henry Cejudo had a turbulent past for which he had experienced a traumatic childhood. However, after engaging in the world of combat sports, he found the true meaning of life. So, fighting occupies a vital place in his life.

Many of his fans wonder why he called himself Triple C. Well the reason behind such a moniker lies in his illustrious career.

Triple C refers to three championships that he won over the course of his career. He holds two UFC championships, in Flyweight and Bantamweight and the other championship comes from winning a gold medal in Olympic freestyle wrestling.

The epic moment of bagging an Olympic came to the fighter in the year 2008 during Beijing Olympics. Henry prepared himself to make an appearance in the 55kg category of wrestling and successfully surpassed his opponents to win the gold medal.

This prestigious achievement made him the youngest American wrestler to win such an honor at the age of 21. Although this record was later broken by Kyle Snyder who made it at 20 years of age, Henry will probably be up there as one of the top wrestlers in America’s history.

On top of that, the wrestler’s successful Olympic journey paved the way for him to enter the dominion of martial arts and he came a powerful fighter over time.

Henry Cejudo is known for his dangerous power punches which can do wonders in terms of knocking down the opponents within seconds and snatching away the crown of victory. This 36 years old Bantamweight fighter still looks to have a long way to go and he is expected to do more wonders in the upcoming days.

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