Will Dana White face any consequences after slapping his wife on New Year’s eve?

“Good times don’t last forever, that’s what makes them Good in the first place,” Dana White is currently realizing the meaning of these words firsthand. The 53-year-old recently got into a slap fight with his own wife on new years eve while they were both under the influence of alcohol.

UFC recently had been skyrocketing both in popularity and as a money-making machine, surpassing not only other MMA promotions but Hollywood itself. Dana was enjoying this rise as the CEO of UFC and some of his comments and actions became more and more reckless. Some are wondering if such a scandal can finally leave a dent in White’s stronghold over the biggest MMA promotion on this planet.

What consequences could be coming Dana’s way?

Dan Le Batard discussed the controversy on Twitter, we shall use his reference to dive deep into the matter.

“I am curious how ESPN is going to cover the news of Dana White and video of him slapping his wife at New Year’s festivities. Apologizing, saying there’s no excuse. Saying that he had been drinking. If it had been Roger Goodell or the owner of an NFL team, I imagine it would be covered with a great deal of zeal even though ESPN is a corporate partner with the NFL,” said Dan.

“They’re compromised here by a business interests. And I did skip a step because I don’t believe there will be consequences for this because there can’t be consequences for it unless the level of outrage stays in a place. He’s so powerful, so independent, and can even control to a degree the media monster with which he has a partnership,” he continued

ESPN has published a report on the matter but the article is getting quickly swept under the rug as other news start pouring in. Another staff like Brett Okamoto has also retweeted the story. Some fighters have also started to speak up against the UFC president. UFC’s deal with ESPN expires in 2023 and after such a scandal, the contract might not get renewed if Dana continues to stay at the helm.

What actions do you want to see against Dana?


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