Windhorst shocks NBA fans by re-rating LeBron James as “uncomfortable in Miami”

The rise to fame that LeBron James has enjoyed was not instantaneous. After years of dominance in the NBA, he earned the nickname “King James.” Among those dominant years, his time with the Miami Heat from 2010 to 2014 stands out, as LeBron went on to play in four consecutive championship finals and win two of them in 2012 and 2013. But don’t you fool yourself into thinking LeBron really had the best time of his life in Miami. Not according to ESPN’s Brian Windhorst.

Windhorst has been covering James’s story for a long time, and both James and Windhorst have mutual respect. So, anything Windhorst has to say about LeBron is largely accepted by NBA fans. But his recent revelation about LeBron’s stint at the Miami Heat, where LeBron has made the world remember his name forever, has left the fans shell-shocked.

What Actually Happened with LeBron in Miami?

Recently, on the Bill Simmons Podcast, Windhorst revealed that LeBron “was never really comfortable” during his spell at Miami. “He was never totally comfortable in Miami. As soon as the season ended, he was out of there back to Akron. ”

In 2014, James shockingly left Miami to return to his boyhood team, the Cleveland Cavaliers. Back then, no one had any idea about anything that went wrong during that fairytale of a spell. Although now, Lebron is having the time of his life with the Lakers ever since he joined them in 2018, as he’s heading towards the twilight years of his career.

“Maybe even if he played in L.A. at that time of his life, that would have been the way he was.” Windhorst further stated in the podcast. This appeared to be due to a lack of chemistry between LeBron and the other Heat players at the time. As we all know, only individual talent isn’t enough when it comes to building team chemistry.

LeBron fans, what’s your take on this shocking revelation? Do you feel there was something missing in King James’ spell in Miami? Let us know in the comments.


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