World Cup qualifier 2022: Argentina vs Brazil set to be canceled due to lack of value in staging the game

Brazil and Argentina’s World Cup qualifying match is expected to be called off owing to a number of unforeseen issues from both teams, and as a result, the Conmebol qualification will probably see for the first time that the top two teams have qualified for the World Cup despite playing a game less.

Argentina vs Brazil World Cup qualifier 2022, or commonly known as a “Superclassico,” was scheduled to be held next month, but the teams’ reluctant nature forced the Conmebol authorities to revert their decision.

The reasons for the cancellation of Argentina vs Brazil World Cup qualifier 2022

A few Argentine players were discovered to have violated Brazil’s admission standards at the time, and local health inspectors swarmed onto the field to call off the game.

Argentina vs Brazil World Cup qualifier 2022, which was first postponed just before it began in September 2021, is now unlikely to ever be played.

Since that time, despite playing one fewer game than other South American nations, both Argentina and Brazil have qualified for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

Neymar Jr and Lionel Messi

It was initially scheduled to be rescheduled for September 21 this year, but according to recent rumors, FIFA has decided it may be abandoned.

Both Argentina and Brazil are said to believe there is little use in hosting the qualification now that European club seasons have begun and the World Cup is just a few months away.

Since both countries had already qualified for Qatar and Argentina couldn’t surpass Brazil in the final standings even if they won, the outcome would be practically meaningless.

According to reports, Selecao manager Tite has expressed a willingness to call off the game in order to protect his players’ World Cup preparations.

Both nations would have to cope with additional logistical challenges over such a busy six months if the qualification were to be staged in Brazil.

This matchup between these two football juggernauts has been postponed twice in as many months.

In spite of 60,000 tickets being sold, Argentina withdrew from the exhibition match against Brazil that was scheduled to take place in Australia in June.

Chaos between Argentine players and Brazilian Health Officials

Their most recent encounter took place in Argentina in November 2021 as part of the World Cup qualifying process, ending in a scoreless tie.


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