WWE champ Roman Reigns responds with one word following victory over LA Knight at Crown Jewel

The major event of Crown Jewel has just concluded, and some viewers were underwhelmed. Some signs indicate that the public is becoming weary of Roman rule. Despite his best efforts, LA Knight was unable to win the WWE Championship for the first time. When Knight had Roman Reigns down after a BFT maneuver, several spectators felt they observed three counts.

Roman Reigns defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship at Crown Jewel against LA Knight. But the finale that many saw as problematic was what really got people talking. After the match, Reigns rushed to Twitter to declare himself “Untouchable.”

Roman Reigns’ one-word response after Crown Jewel win

LA Knight’s association with The Bloodline during Roman Reigns’ absence from WWE raised the interest of the WWE star. Reigns effectively defended his Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against LA Knight at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia. Knight also had to deal with The Bloodline, particularly Jimmy Uso. Lately, Roman has been gaining more attention for employing questionable tactics to retain his title, relying on interference to maintain his position as WWE Universal Champion.

 Roman Reigns looks on during the WWE and Universal Championship match
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Their match began aggressively, but they started getting boos from the audience around halfway through. Despite the crowd’s booing, Reigns proceeded to dominate the bout, finishing it with a spear on Knight. The victory cements Roman Reigns’ place as one of the most dominant WWE champions in recent memory.

This was LA Knight’s first real shot at the WWE World Title. Together with John Cena, he was able to beat The Bloodline in the buildup to Crown Jewel. Knight put up a valiant effort despite interference from The Bloodline. But Reigns finished off the contest with a decisive spear. He sent images from the battle on Twitter and wrote a single powerful tweet, “Unmatchable.”

Without throwing bloodline members, it would be exceedingly difficult to prevail against the tribe leader and his harsh techniques, and fans have no idea who is powerful enough to shatter Roman’s proclamation.

Roman Reigns mocks LA Knight

At the outset of the bout, Knight had the upper hand and attacked the champion. Eventually, Reigns took over and jokingly impersonated LA Knight, turning him into a viral internet meme. Because of his comical reactions throughout the imitation, his fans started calling him “Popeye.”

Roman Reigns
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However, it must be noted that during the championship defense, Reigns received support from Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso, interfering in the contest. Although LA Knight managed to deal with both of them for a while, Reigns took advantage of the attention to throw a devastating spear, securing the victory.

After his last successful title defense, fans are wondering what WWE’s next plan is for Reigns. In particular, many viewers rooted for an opponent more capable of dethroning the tribe’s leader. Who would you want to see as his next challenger? Share your opinion in the comments.


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