WWE faces legal blow as lawsuit emerges alleging sheltering for Vince McMahon amid TKO sale

Vince McMahon’s business attempt to unite WWE and UFC and reassume control of the company is being investigated by the courts. A lawsuit alleges that McMahon turned down better offers, and investors are now questioning the choice to sell a majority stake to Endeavor, stating it was more beneficial for the McMahons than the investors.

Several WWE-UFC stockholders feel that the promotion prioritized the McMahons’ interests above those of the investors, causing tension in the merger. According to the Hollywood Reporter, McMahon’s decision-making might not have been in the best interest of the investors, leading to this legal challenge.

WWE fights Vince McMahon sheltering lawsuit during TKO sale

The WWE chairman was briefly fired after he was accused of sexual misconduct and paid hush money. Under Vince McMahon, WWE publicly courted companies like Disney, Comcast, and Amazon to secure a partnership. Merging with Endeavor’s UFC to become TKO Group seemed to guarantee McMahon’s ongoing influence, however.

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A class-action lawsuit was launched by ex-WWE stockholders who said that the events leading up to the merger between WWE and Endeavor were a “sham sales process” that favored McMahon and limited other potential bidders.

The WWE board members and McMahon are the targets of a lawsuit that claims they have breached their fiduciary obligation. Many investors were unhappy, pointing out that WWE could have secured better deals through honest negotiations—especially with the stock arrangement instead of an all-cash agreement.

The lawsuit states, “If McMahon was found to have breached his duty of loyalty, WWE stockholders could have sought his removal as a director. Such scrutiny appears to have prompted McMahon to seek a ‘quick’ sale of the Company that also allowed him to continue running WWE.”

Vince McMahon’s WWE-UFC merger announcement

WWE and UFC, the two companies share entertaining content and sporting culture. UFC fighters like Ronda Rousey and Brock Lesnar have successfully transitioned to WWE. Vince McMahon’s WWE and UFC have announced their intention to merge, forming a new entity called TKO in April of this year. Endeavor Group will oversee this venture.

The merger is valued at $12.1 billion for UFC and $9.3 billion for WWE. Among the stockholders, Endeavor owns 51% and WWE 49%. Vince McMahon serves as executive chairman of TKO, which will be headed by Endeavor CEO Ari Emanuel. UFC’s Dana White served as CEO.

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An eleven-person board, including six members nominated by Endeavor and five by WWE, oversees the combined company’s NYSE trading under the name TKO. Following WWE’s WrestleMania, the statement was made, confirming previous rumors and formally ending WWE’s hunt for a buyer.

To keep an eye on things, McMahon came back to his role as WWE chairman in January after being released from sexual allegations. Investors are challenging the WWE-UFC merger in court, and the outcome of the case is uncertain. Who do you think will finally win? Comment your thoughts below.


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