Why is UFC champ Sean Strickland beefing with Ian Machado Garry Everything you need to know

Sean Strickland, known for his comedic style of talking and funny trash talks, pokes his opponents with attention-grabbing remarks, making him one of the biggest stars on social media nowadays. The UFC middleweight champion is currently targeting UFC welterweight fighter Ian Garry.

Sean and Garry have a long way to go before they fight each other in the octagon, but the champion and the No. 10 ranked UFC welterweight are involved in a social media war. Trash-talking and provocation have led Garry to take actions that might not let him easily connect with fight fans.

Why is Sean Strickland beefing with Ian Garry?

Things started when Garry and his wife received backlash for using “The Future” narrative for their money and being famous. Fans flurried the negative comments about it and later Strickland took charge of it.

The UFC champion is not convinced with what Layla had to say about her mentioned narrative. Garry’s wife gave a proper explanation of what he meant with “The Future”. However, the only second guy who defeated Israel Adesanya in the middleweight division is not convinced with it.

Sean Strickland said, “Ian Garry’s wife is a SEXUAL PREDATOR……. She sought out a young athlete to seduce because she’s getting old and still wanted to be famous.. No buddy of fame wanted you so you preyed on a kid… You are and will forever be known as a succubus…”

As the heated exchange between Strickland and Garry almost gets too personal, it’s not just Ian and Sean involved, but also Garry’s wife, Layla Machado Garry, has become part of the intense scenario. Layla became part of the criticism or trolling when both the husband and wife used a certain narrative which, according to the UFC champion, is not a valid act from the couple.

UFC stars troll Ian Garry

The trolling from fans and the UFC champion got so irritating that he had to make his account private. This also got the attention of Strickland, who is getting ready for his first title defense. Sean made fun of Ian for privatizing his account and he believes that not just him but also many fans bullied him too much.

Strickland was found to be very active with those fans who are targeting the couple. He replies to their tweets and asks for more videos or posts to make things interesting. Undefeated Ian Garry is also expecting a child.

However, in UFC Garry is undefeated and already claimed that Ian can outwrestle former champion of his division. But the attention he gets is not for his fighting or his skills but for something that doesn’t relate to his career.

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