WWE Fan injured at WrestleMania reportedly files lawsuit of $1 million

Another lawsuit has been filed against WWE, which has a serious history of legal battles. A fan who attended WrestleMania 38 is reportedly suing the wrestling promotion for $1 million after almost losing his hearing due to a pyrotechnics blast during the event.

Marvin Jackson, the plaintiff, claims that he suffered severe hearing loss in his left ear, and has charged WWE with negligence, gross negligence, and strict liability.


WWE’s Lawsuit Saga Continues: Fan Takes Legal Action Over Pyrotechnic Peril

As far as WWE fans suing the company, it is certainly not the first time that has ever happened. In 2011, a seven-year-old fan named Basham sued The Rock and Triple H for recklessness during an Ironman match. The match caused a woman to fall on top of Basham’s leg, resulting in knee and leg injuries.

Basham held the two wrestlers responsible for his inability to pursue athletic goals in school. The matter was taken care of in court for an unspecified amount. Wrestling is generally recognized to be dangerous, yet the safety of spectators is also sometimes disregarded.

While pyrotechnics are a staple of WWE shows, the possible danger they pose most evidently should not be ignored. Jackson’s lawsuit is just one of many legal battles WWE has faced over the years. Currently, WWE has not commented on Jackson’s lawsuit. WWE requested a transfer of the case to the U.S. District Court in February. 

Putting Safety First: The Importance of Preventing Injuries in WWE Shows

To put everything into context, while WWE is known for its exciting matches and fireworks, it’s crucial to remember that safety should always come first. Fans attend these events with the expectation of being entertained, not injured. It’s unfortunate that Marvin Jackson suffered a hearing loss at WrestleMania 38, and it’s understandable why he feels compelled to seek legal action.

Only time shall tell how this issue is resolved in court. But one thing is for sure. WWE should make sure that at least adequate safeguards are in place to prevent such unfortunate incidents in the foreseeable future. As Stone Cold Steve Austin once famously said, “And that’s the bottom line, ’cause Stone Cold said so! Stay Safe”


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