WWE SmackDown: World champion HOF Edge’s return sees brutal criticism from wrestling fans: “PLEASE RETIRE”

WWE SmackDown witnessed the highly anticipated return of World champion and Hall of Famer Edge, but it was met with a wave of brutal criticism from wrestling fans. Social media was ablaze with comments expressing disappointment and a plea for Edge to retire from the ring.

Despite his legendary status, some fans felt that Edge’s return was overshadowed by concerns over his age and potential impact on younger talent. As opinions clashed, the debate surrounding Edge’s presence in the WWE landscape intensified, leaving fans divided over his continued in-ring career.

Wrestling fans are furious over World champion HOF Edge’s return to WWE

The 11-time World Champion Edge was a guest on The Grayson Waller Effect when he was asked to make a big surprise. Edge expressed his gratitude for the WWE Universe, revealing that he was celebrating 25 years in the business this year. As the show took place at Madison Square Garden, he fondly recalled his first SummerSlam experience at the iconic venue in 1998.

However, before he could make his announcement, Waller prematurely declared that Edge was set to retire. In response, the Rated R Superstar contradicted Waller’s claim, declaring his intentions to continue wrestling. He then challenged Waller to a match, setting the stage for a competitive bout between the two.

The clash between Edge and Waller proved to be intense and highly competitive, as Waller made his first in-ring appearance since April. For Edge, it was his first match since his encounter with AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio on the May 12 episode of SmackDown.

In the end, the 11-time World Champion sealed the victory by delivering his iconic Spear to Waller. However, the outcome of the match received criticism from some WWE fans who had hoped to see Edge put over the rising rookie talent.

John Cena and Edge are preparing Grayson Waller for bright future

After a noticeable absence, WWE legend Edge is set to make his return to television on this week’s episode of SmackDown. The Rated-R Superstar will be featured on The Grayson Waller Effect segment, adding anticipation and excitement to the upcoming show.

Waller, known for his outspoken nature, took to Twitter to sarcastically express his delight in assisting WWE legends to regain the spotlight. In a tongue n’ cheek manner, he mentioned that Edge would receive the “Grayson Waller rub” during their interaction on the show, implying that he would leave a lasting impact on the legendary superstar.

The confrontation between Waller and John Cena at the recently concluded Money in the Bank event has further heightened the anticipation for Edge’s return. Cena’s surprise appearance in London sparked a confrontation with the 33-year-old rising star, setting the stage for a potential clash of personalities and an intriguing storyline.

With Edge’s return and the involvement of Waller and Cena, the upcoming SmackDown episode is shaping up to be an eventful one, captivating fans with its mix of established legends and emerging talents.


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