WWE star Chris Jericho donates $5000 twice to Damar Hamlin’s charity

Damar Hamlin, a defensive player for the Buffalo Bills, had a heart attack on the field during the first quarter of Monday night’s highly anticipated game between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals. Many famous people have donated to Damar’s Chasing M’s Foundation, including former WWE and now AEW star Chris Jericho following his hospitalization.

During the game, Hamlin, a Bills defensive player, fell on the ground while attempting to tackle Cincinnati’s, Tee Higgins. He was taken to the hospital right away since he couldn’t stand up again, and it was confirmed that he suffered a heart attack. According to a family member, the 24-year-old has taken sedatives and his condition is critical.

Damar Hamlin after suffering a cardiac arrest

Following Hamlin’s cardiac attack, fans and followers launched a charity campaign to raise $2,500 for his organization. However, as the incident shook the entire sports community, the organization received $4 million in a single day which also includes 10,000 dollars from AEW’s Chris Jericho.


Jericho donated twice because he misspelled his name the first time, but both times he donated $5,000 to the organization. Damar established this charitable organization following the epidemic to assist the children who were impacted; later last December, he considered his drive a huge success. Social media applauded Jericho for donating a significant amount of money to the organization. Fans of both Jericho and Damar are grateful for their favorite wrestler’s generosity.

The doctors have said that Damar Hamlin’s condition is still considered to be life-threatening and he will need to be admitted to the hospital. The members of Damar’s family and his closest friends are hoping for a speedy recovery for him. The players for the Buffalo Bills are still in a state of shock as a result of having witnessed one of their teammates depart the field in such a horrific manner.


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