WWE superstar Jimmy Uso confronts John Cena with fresh entrance music on SmackDown

Last month, during the match of Tribal Combat for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso got into an argument. To keep Jey from growing arrogant like Roman Reigns, Jimmy backstabbed his own brother. After that, Jey superkicked everyone, including Jimmy, which ultimately led to Jey’s resignation from the Bloodline and WWE since it ended the Tag Champions’ reign. This twist of fate caught the fans off guard. 

Tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown featured the glorifying return of John Cena as well as a twisted return of “Jimmy Uso.” Cena’s return has captured the interest of his fans. When Jimmy Uso made his entrance with a new theme music, it seemed like Cena’s comeback may take an unexpected turn. However, the GOAT took care of things with an “Attitude Adjustment.”

Jimmy Uso debuts fresh entrance music on SmackDown

Tonight’s Smackdown was supposed to feature the return of both “John Cena” and “Jimmy Uso”. While John Cena’s return was a major draw, the fact that WWE’s greatest storyline, “Bloodline,” featuring Jimmy Uso, the right hand of tribe chief Roman Reign, on the same night went unnoticed by many viewers.

WWE has therefore implemented its genius strategy. Cena began by thanking his fans for their support and promising to return the favor. He also said how excited he was for tonight’s SmackDown. When he was about to say something amazing, fresh music came on and Jimmy Uso came out surprising everyone without “The USO” theme. Something else about his entry put out as odd. There was a typo in his nameplate, with an extra ‘M,’ spelling “Jimmmy Uso.”

Jimmy Uso confronts John Cena on SmackDown

On this week’s episode of WWE SmackDown, the Bloodline storyline continued with Jimmy Uso challenging John Cena. Jey Uso’s leave from WWE and Jimmy’s personal life might come up in discussions. Jimmy stepped out during Cena’s statement and said that the ring belonged to him now, comparing Cena to Roman Reigns. Cena shot back that Jey Uso was the wrong brother to resign. 


Jimmy pretended to leave the ring after the argument, but then he went around and attempted to deliver a superkick to the “Cenation Leader”. But the experienced “16-time-world champion” countered with his finishing move, “Attitude Adjustment”. The “Bloodline” tale might take a different tack as a result of this catastrophe. WWE might utilize this as an opportunity to bring back the John Cena vs. Roman Reigns rivalry.

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