Xavi urges Barcelona to sign Lionel Messi & Bernardo Silva to compete in Europe

Barcelona manager Xavi Hernandez has asked the club to reinforce the squad in the summer with the transfers of Lionel Messi and Bernardo Silva.

The crushing setback versus Real Madrid validates Xavi’s and the club’s sporting department’s plan. That plan is of bringing in at least two world-class talents who will be crucial to the team. Lionel Messi and Bernardo Silva are two players whose futures at Paris Saint Germain and Manchester City are uncertain. They are also well-admired by both the club and Xavi.

What issues could the Catalan club face?

The club’s issue will be to find a way to bring them in with the salary cap already exceeded. However, there is total certainty that it will be possible to do it. 

Xavi’s plan is to find answers and, most importantly, players with world-class skills who can make an impact in Europe. And to do it in the finest economic conditions possible. They will attempt, but not everything will be doable. The club has admitted that it is in negotiations with Messi to bring him back. Bernardo Silva’s future is very much on the table, with the Portuguese wanting an exit for a long time. They intend to bring in at least one of the two. Their experience and ability would be crucial in helping the team succeed.

Xavi wants Lionel Messi and Bernardo Silva as a priority

Barça is currently working on a future sustainability plan. This would be used to persuade La Liga that it is viable to sustain the team’s salary cost without incurring losses. Mateu Alemany has been talking with La Liga for some time now. He has discussed particular plans to increase income, decrease salaries, and sell some players.

Barça’s plan is unlikely to decrease the entire surplus salary cost in a single season, but it should be able to do it in two. If this strategy is accepted, the Blaugranas will be able to enter the market in order to bring in these two stars, who will provide depth to the club.

Why does Xavi want Lionel Messi and Bernardo Silva?

In the case of Messi, it is believed that he will ultimately end his contract with PSG. And with Bernardo Silva, the club already has all the details of his transfer and the amount of money that the player would like to be paid if he joins Camp Nou. The salaries provided would be completely acceptable within the salary cap. 

Xavi has made it obvious that he wants Bernardo Silva, and the player has made it clear that he wants to join Barcelona. Manchester City told the player he couldn’t leave last summer, preferring to rethink the subject in 2023.

The Portuguese’s desire to join Barcelona continues, and City manager Pep Guardiola is firm in his willingness to trade players who no longer want to be there, as proven by the departures of Arsenal duo Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko. As a result, Bernardo’s exit is likely to be approved at this stage.

Xavi also wants Messi to join the club. He knows the Argentine and knows what he can offer. Messi could also solve some of the club’s economic problems and as such is a priority now. The player himself wants to join the club after a heartbreaking exit in 2021. Barcelona has already set up plans to afford Messi and an offer could be sent in the following days.

In order to achieve the dream signings, the month of May will be crucial, as the Catalan club may already have complete clarity on LaLiga’s position on its future viability plan. There will undoubtedly be painful exits, but it is the only option to strengthen the club and ensure its competitiveness in the Champions League next season.

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