“you blow my mind” Emma Raducanu and other female tennis players are exposed on Heather Watson’s bikini shot

Emma Raducanu, 19, is one of the brightest and most skilled tennis stars who has been actively involved in magnifying the British sports arena at a very early age and is also considered as one of the most auspicious female players of this generation.

Despite her success and achievements at a very young age, Raducanu is often criticized over a number of issues on and off the court, which also make her a controversial prospect in the tennis world.

How Emma Raducanu was recently unveiled publicly?

Emma Raducanu, the recent US Open winner, was taken aback by Heather Watson’s vacation images, in which the latter flaunted her toned figure while wearing a bikini.

After watching Heather’s pictures, the British tennis player left a comment with a “Woah” remark in response to one of Watson’s Instagram posts.

Furthermore, Heather Watson’s appearance surprised other players in addition to Raducanu, like the Australian player Ellen Perez, who also commented by saying, “you blow my mind”.

Lizette Cabrera, 24, another Aussie tennis star, also described Heather, a celebrity model, after watching the Instagram post.

Emma Raducanu reacted to this photo of Heather Watson

Watson never got tired of receiving praiseworthy words for her above social media post, and one of her close partners in tennis, Naomi Broady, also said that Heather was looking stunning in that summer outfit.

After hearing the eulogies from tennis stars like Emma Raducanu, Heather Watson got impressed and passionately quoted, “We came.” We saw. We conquered”.

British media were surprised by the reactions of Raducanu when she replied to this post by Heather Watson.

Apart from that, Emma’s fanbase also got hyped after watching the Instagram comment from their favorite tennis player, who is well-known for maintaining fewer activities on social media.


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