“You know who this is motherf****r” Stephen A. recalls intense moment with Kobe Bryant after late Lakers’ legend viewed Smith’s comments on TV

When it comes to sports, there are always great rivalries between teams. However, there is something greater between players and media personalities. Sometimes players do not understand why they are criticized when analyses are made.

On the other hand, reporters, analysts, and commentators sometimes go over the edge with their points of view. Stephen A. Smith was once threatened for his analysis by the late Kobe Bryant.

On Wednesday, Smith recalled one of his “life-threatening” memories with the late legend. 

Smith is profoundly renowned in the world of sports for his game analysis and comments regarding players. He openly shares his views with the world through different media platforms, and nobody can back him off from doing so… except one person- Kobe Bryant.

In the Wednesday episode of “The Howard Stern Show,” Stephen A. Smith went back in time to when Kobe Bryant called him to take back his words, or he might face severe consequences.

What did Stephen A. Smith say in the show?

In the show, Smith was asked if he was scared of any player, and Stephen responded by saying Kobe’s name. Then, the media personality shares the fascinating story that had left him in fear. Smith’s exact words were, “Kobe scared the living s— out of me,” and then he elaborates on the incident.

According to Smith, Bryant knew his basketball well, so when he saw that Stephen was criticizing him on air, he wanted to know why Smith made such statements about him. 

Kobe tried to call Stephen many times, and when he did not receive his call, he sent him a voicemail, where the late star-basketball player, according to Smith, said, “You know who this is motherfucker. Get your ass up, pick up the fucking phone and call me back. That bullshit you just said. And don’t keep me waiting. Your ass better not go on the air and say some other shit before you talk to me.”

Smith, being slightly afraid, called Bryant back and explained that it was an analysis of Kobe’s game, so he had said what he told in the show. Furthermore, this cleared Kobe’s confusion about why he did not criticize other players and said to Smith, “I have no idea why I love your ass, I really don’t. You go on the air and you say that shit again, I’m calling you to curse your ass out.”

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