‘‘Add some hair on your balls’’: Henry Cejudo takes sly dig at Merab Dvalishvili’s hair transplant surgery, demands him to ”Man up and fight’’ in UFC

After narrowly losing a close decision in his bid for the bantamweight title, Henry Cejudo seriously contemplated retiring from the sport of mixed martial arts. However, it appears that he has had a change of heart since then.

Merab Dvalishvili recently shared a photo on his social media showcasing a hair transplant procedure he underwent. The fighter traveled to Istanbul, Turkey to receive the treatment and restore his hairline.

In the past, Dvalishvili has faced accusations of prioritizing various activities over pursuing a title shot. With this recent news of his hair transplant, it remains uncertain when he will make his return to the octagon, leaving fans curious about his next fight.

Henry Cejudo celebrating

Taking to social media, the Olympic gold medalist went on a passionate rant, expressing his desire to fight against Merab Dvalishvili. Henry is determined to make a comeback and regain his position in the title picture in the 135-pound weight class.

In response to the recent Merab news, he Tweeted, “Maybe they’ll add some hair on your balls so you’ll man up and fight me. Showing a renewed drive to compete at the highest level.”

Henry Cejudo and Merab Dvalishvili feud explained

Despite being a close friend and training partner of Aljamain Sterling, ‘The Machine’ has consistently turned down the opportunity to fight the reigning champion.

Even though he is widely recognized as the top contender in the MMA community, he does not seem very willing to take on his training partner.

However, the Georgian fighter is hopeful that ‘Aljo’ will make his highly anticipated featherweight debut at some point. Creating an opportunity for him to compete for the championship.

Henry Cejudo inside the octagon

Henry Cejudo, after contemplating his future in the UFC, has made the decision to continue his career and has once again taken to social media to express his desire to face Merab.

Cejudo has his sights set on another shot at the bantamweight title, and he sees Dvalishvili as the perfect opponent to make his case for a title bout.

Merab, who has emerged victorious in his last nine UFC fights, finds himself in a prime position to contend for the bantamweight championship.

Henry Cejudo speaking at a press conference

Since Merab is Aljo’s friend and training partner, ‘Triple C’ probably looks to make a statement toward the reigning champ by defeating ‘The Machine’ and earning another title shot in the process.

When will Merab Dvalishvili return to UFC?

During an interview with The Schmo, Dvalishvili was seen wearing a cast on his right hand, indicating that he is in the process of recovering from a recent surgery.

He mentioned that it will take approximately three more months before he can resume punching, making a potential fight with Cejudo on August 19 highly improbable.

“I needed surgery, I did last Tuesday, and now I’m recovering. I will be able to punch in three months and I will be able to train again [in] 6 weeks…I won’t be able to fight because I need the training and I need to get ready…I don’t think I’ll be ready for August, but maybe we’ll see other time,” said Merab.

‘The Machine’ expressed his willingness to face ‘Triple C’ before the year concludes. He acknowledged the possibility of a matchup with Cejudo was still there.

If Aljamain Sterling successfully defends his title against Sean O’Malley and decides to move up to the featherweight division, there could be an opportunity for ‘The Machine’ and Henry to compete for the vacant bantamweight championship.

Surgery update on Merab Dvalishvili’s right-hand injury?

Merab, a prominent contender in the UFC bantamweight division, recently shared an update on his hand injury and the successful surgery he underwent to fuse a bone in his hand.

The injury occurred during a rigorous training session, highlighting the demanding nature of his preparation.

In a display of gratitude, Merab expressed heartfelt appreciation to his compatriot and fellow Georgian mixed martial artist, Giga Chikadze.

Chikadze stood by Dvalishvili’s side as a steadfast source of support throughout his recent surgical procedure, underscoring the camaraderie and solidarity within the Georgian MMA community.

If not Dvalishvili, who else could Henry fight next? Share your picks with us in the comments.

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