‘‘I could do it all’’: Beneil Dariush drops truth bomb on Islam Makhachev title bout ahead of UFC 289 clash vs Charles Oliveira

Beneil Dariush is gearing up for an intense encounter with Charles Oliveira, as the two prominent lightweight contenders are set to face off this Saturday at UFC 289 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Beneil firmly believes that a victory in this bout will pave the way for a showdown against the current UFC Lightweight Champion, Islam Makhachev. When this fight was arranged, Dariush claims to have been assured the coveted “number one contender” status.

Being just one win away from a title shot, Beneil exudes immense confidence in his ability to dethrone the reigning champion. In discussing a potential matchup with Islam. Dariush boldly stated earlier this week that he surpasses him in every aspect of the game.

As a talented fighter hailing from Kings MMA, Beneil is prepared to prove his superiority and stake his claim as the new lightweight champion.

“There’s nothing he does that I can’t do better,” Dariush explained. “I know people will disagree but they used to say I can’t wrestle with these guys. Last fight I showed it.

Now we’re talking about jiu-jitsu. Next, it’s going to be striking. You know, I could do it all and that’s what I want to show the world. As far as Makhachev goes. I don’t see anything that he does that I can’t do better.”

Should Beneil Dariush vs Charles Oliveira winner get a title shot?

The UFC’s lightweight division is abuzz with excitement and anticipation as several high-profile fights loom on the horizon. Amidst all the action, it appears that the promotion has a clear strategy in place.

Beneil has revealed that the UFC officials have given him a firm assurance that he will be granted the next opportunity to vie for the lightweight championship.

This coveted title shot is contingent upon Dariush emerging victorious in his upcoming co-main event clash against former UFC champion Oliveira at UFC 289 this Saturday.

With this promise from the UFC brass. Beneil has an added motivation to secure a triumph and position himself as the rightful contender for the lightweight title.

“That is correct,” Beneil told MMA Junkie at the UFC 289 media say on Wednesday. “I spoke with Hunter (Campbell) when they rebooked this fight and that’s what they said. That I will be No. 1 contender.”

Why was Beneil Dariush vs Islam Makhachev cancelled?

Beneil, boasting a record of 21-4-1, had a highly anticipated 155-pound showdown on the horizon against Islam. With the potential to determine a future title contender.

Beneil Dariush

However, Dariush had to withdraw from the bout on Tuesday due to a broken fibula, as confirmed by him to ESPN. The unfortunate injury took place during a light sparring session when his foot became entangled in the mat while executing a takedown. Resulting in an awkward landing that led to the fracture.

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