Jorge Masvidal’s disapproval of Jake Paul’s solicitous endeavours reaches boiling point following Masvidal’s CONFRONTATION of the YouTuber-turned-Boxer

As the highly anticipated fight between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz draws nearer, many combat sports fans are increasingly focusing their attention on ‘The Problem Child’. Recently, the YouTuber-turned-boxer paid a visit to the Betr Warehouse in Miami, ‘unaware’ that Jorge Masvidal would also be present.

Seemingly out of nowhere, ‘Gamebred’ approached Jake, leading to a brief exchange of words between the two. The encounter was captured on video and swiftly spread across various social media platforms, quickly grabbing the attention of pretty much the entire combat sports community.

The video also referred to a previous episode of Ariel Helwani’s show, where Masvidal had criticized ‘The Problem Child’. Consequently, Paul wasted no time confronting Jorge about his remarks.

Jorge Masvidal confronts Jake Paul at Betr Warehouse in Miami

The video commenced with Paul stating that Masvidal had made an appearance at the Betr Warehouse. Subsequently, he exited the building, and Masvidal stopped nearby, resulting in a face-to-face encounter between the two.

Jake questioned Jorge, saying, “Are you serious? Why are you trying to stir up trouble?” Not providing a direct response, Masvidal responded that it was his city, which appeared to infuriate the boxer.

After verifying Masvidal’s assertion, Jake sarcastically inquired whether Jorge owned the specific piece of property they were standing on, pointing towards the ground. Masvidal refuted ownership and gestured toward the property he did possess.

Why Masvidal dislikes ’The Problem Child’

During a conversation with the renowned MMA reporter Ariel Helwani, the mixed martial artist went on a passionate tirade. He expressed his strong dissatisfaction with Paul’s assertion of being responsible for paying the fighters at PFL.

He criticized the YouTuber-turned-Boxer for discussing matters related to fighter compensation, without actually doing anything helpful to aid the combat sports athletes.

Jake Paul

Masvidal said, “All this other bullsh*t and talk and this and that. Jake Paul motherf****r all these other boxing promoters, how about they put motherf*****g money in MMA fighters’ pockets or boxers or get the f*ck outta here. I’m putting money in my brothers and sister’s pockets so they go out there and give the violence that we all get to see.“

Spat potentially to culminate in Mega Showdown

Masvidal and Paul used to be on good terms, but their relationship has soured over time, leading to Jake frequently attempting to orchestrate a boxing match between them. In addition to his boxing endeavors, the ‘Problem Child’ believes he can disrupt the world of combat sports and impose his fighter-first mentality on MMA.

Jake Paul

In a fresh offensive move, Paul asserted that UFC fighters are trapped in oppressive contracts reminiscent of slavery, seemingly placing the blame on White, the president of the UFC.

Such tactics are nothing new for Jake, who also went back and forth with Nate some time ago. Will we see a similar buildup to a ‘Gamebred’ vs ‘The Problem Child’ encounter? It seems too early to tell!

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