After Dana White unresponsive to Kamaru Usman’s request for bout vs Khamzat Chimaev, ‘Nigerian Nightmare’ blasts judges decision at UFC Vegas 77

Kamaru Usman, eagerly anticipating a matchup with the long-inactive Khamzat Chimaev, was present at tonight’s UFC Fight Night.

The Nigerian Nightmare not only seemed to have immersed himself in the thrilling MMA fights but also took the opportunity to address his dissatisfaction with a particular bout during discussions with Dana White about his next fight.

Kamaru Usman vs Khamzat Chimaev potential bout

Chimaev, who has been inactive in the MMA scene for approximately a year, recently assured his fans through a video on his YouTube channel that he is determined to make a comeback in the Octagon soon.

The Chechen fighter stated that he is willing to face Kamaru Usman in UFC 294 in Abu Dhabi. While Chimaev has been out of action for a considerable time, the UFC has not officially announced his next opponent.

Dana White has remained silent on this potential matchup as the main challenge revolves around the weight division for the fight. “Borz” is requesting “The Nigerian Nightmare” to move up a weight class, while Usman is challenging Chimaev to get in shape and face him in the welterweight division.

The former champion recently shared his perspective on the Khamzat situation. Kamaru disclosed that he recently had a meeting in the UFC president’s office where he expressed if Chimaev is truly a threat in the welterweight division, he has no issues to facing him in the Octagon.

Kamaru Usman slams judges’ decision at UFC Vegas 77

The UFC Vegas 77 event, alternatively referred to as UFC on ESPN 49, was held at the UFC Apex venue located in Enterprise, Nevada. Usman expressed his dissatisfaction on Twitter without specifying which fight he was referring to.

Given that arguably the closest match was the welterweight bout between Jack Della Maddalena and Bassil Hafez, which was acknowledged as the Fight of the Night due to the impressive display of MMA skills from both fighters, it can be inferred that Usman might have expected Hafez to emerge as the winner of the fight.

Following the split decision victory for JDM, numerous voices arose stating that ‘The Habibi’ should have been declared the winner. Nevertheless, as a debutant in the UFC who accepted the fight on short notice, Hafez displayed remarkable MMA skills, earning the admiration and support of spectators. 

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