Aljamain Sterling demands more respect from UFC President Dana White following White’s comments on UFC Vegas 73 post event press conference

There are still many critics, and doubters of Aljamain Sterling although he keeps establishing himself as one of the greatest bantamweight fighters in UFC history. Recently, Sterling has defeated the likes of Petr Yan, TJ Dillashaw, and Henry Cejudo entitling him the opportunity to demand more respect from everyone including UFC president Dana White as a bantamweight champion.

However, as Aljamain took on Petr Yan the disqualification of Yan made Stering the new champion, yet it did not prove his fighting abilities, and so doubts remained among MMA fans about Sterling’s fighting techniques as a bantamweight fighter.

Three successful title defenses later, the New Yorker has unquestionably established himself as one of the best bantamweight fighters in the promotion. The Funk Master believes he is capable of handling everything Dana White throws at him, even then the UFC Chief doesn’t show him enough gratitude or appreciation for retaining his title. So, in recent times Sterling did not hesitate to share his brutally honest take on White. 

What did Aljamain Sterling say to Dana White? 

“I’ve done everything the UFC has asked me to do. Two partially torn biceps, went through two training camps like that. Fought through them. Beat Petr Yan, former champion. [I] beat T.J. Dillashaw, former champion.”

A few weeks ago, Aljo battled Henry Cejudo, a former flyweight and bantamweight champion, at UFC 288 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. Sterling defeated the former two-division champion by a split decision, 48-47, 47-48, and 48-47. During the interview, he also brought up his most recent victory while claiming he deserves more respect. 

“And then you’ve got Henry Cejudo, ‘the greatest combat athlete of all-time,’ Every time they have asked me to fight, I put my nuts on the table. I showed out every single time and won. At what point do I get credit from the UFC, from Uncle Dana?” Aljamain added.

UFC president on The Funk Master 

Dana discussed the UFC 292 main event title match during the UFC Vegas 73 post-fight press conference. Dana discussed the concern surrounding Sterling’s upcoming title defense bout due to the current bantamweight champion’s health issues.

While talking about Aljo, Dana said, “I think we got his manager on the phone and stuff like that. It’s just Aljo’s one of those guys that just can’t get out of his own way.” 

Sterling didn’t quite like what White said about him during the Vegas press conference. However, UFC President reassured everyone by stating that he is confident the fight between Sterling and Sean O’Malley will proceed as planned.

Do you also think Aljamain Sterling doesn’t receive the respect he deserves after succeeding to the point where he is praised almost as the GOAT of the 135 lb? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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