Aljamain Sterling drops a bombshell on T.J. Dillashaw’s current drug usages

Aljamain Sterling, the current UFC Bantamweight champion, has a solid record of 21 wins out of his 24 MMA appearances. The former CFFC Bantamweight Champion has won and successfully defended the Bantamweight title against Petr Yan. Now the funk master is set to take down T.J.Dillashaw in the UFC 280 co-main event on October 23, 2022, in Abu Dhabi.

The former UFC Bantamweight champion, T.J.Dillashaw, has been in the octagon 21 times and secured victory 17 times while losing only four clashes. This American fighter competed in two different weight divisions in the UFC but only sealed the bantamweight title. But Dillashaw was tested positive for drug usage, then the organizer stripped him of his title and suspended him for two years. But now the former champion is set to return to a big fight.

In a recent interview, the current champion shared his concern about the former champion still taking drugs in a different way:

“If I had to make a prediction, I would say there’s definitely no doubt in my mind that that guy’s finding some type of doctor or little micro dosing or whatever, however that shit works. I guarantee you he’s finding some type of way to get an edge once again, as he’s done his entire UFC career. So, I already made peace with it. So, at the end of the day, it is what it is.”

While showing the confidence of winning the bout and referring T.J.D as a biggest trash talker Aljamain added:

“Like, I made the acknowledgement that I’m gonna step into there with this guy, knowing that there’s a high chance of this happening. And it is what it is, man. I feel like this is not gonna be the first guy I fought that’s been on some supps, some extra supps. So, I think my hard work and skillset is enough to get the job done before, and I think it can get the job done again,”

After all of these statements, the hype for this bout has skyrocketed. Fans are eagerly waiting to see them battle in the ring. 

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