Anthony Smith drops bold prediction on bout vs Johnny Walker at UFC Charlotte: “If you give enough rope, he’ll hang himself”

Johnny Walker and Anthony Smith will square off in tomorrow’s UFC Fight Night event. Smith revealed specifics about his strategy for defeating Walker before one of the biggest tests of his career.

On May 13, at the Spectrum Center in Charlotte, North Carolina, Lionheart will square off against the Brazilian fighter in the co-main event of UFC on ABC 4. After almost five years, Charlotte will once again host a UFC event.  

What did Anthony Smith say about his octagon opponent Johnny Walker? 

For a while now, Smith has had his sights on a title fight. Smith discussed his thoughts on Walker in detail during the ABC 4 media day in advance of his upcoming fight. 

While talking about the number 7-ranked light heavyweight fighter, Smith said he’s going to deal with a dangerous fighter in Charlotte. Lionheart also appreciated his octagon opponent by admitting Walker was super athletic, explosive, and creative in the octagon. 

“He’s got one way to win. I can kind of win wherever. If the fight is short, it’s fine. If it’s long, it’s fine. Even if it’s on the ground, it’s fine. If it stays striking, I don’t really care about that either. Johnny is a unique athlete as far as his physicality.” says Smith. 

The light heavyweight division’s current champion is Jamahal Hill. Since Anthony Smith is also keen to compete for the title, losing to Johnny would harm his opportunity. The 34-year-old fighter is just hoping to stay confident, do whatever requires based on the situation, and end the fight staying focused till the end. 

“If you give enough rope, he’ll hang himself. He’ll walk onto something. He’ll run into something. He’s one of those guys, if you just let him drive himself, he’ll run into something.”  Smith added.

Who will you be rooting for in the light heavyweight battle tomorrow between Johnny Walker and Anthony Smith? In the comment box, please share your opinion. 

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