Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva to retire from MMA following his 11 losing streaks

Antonio Silva, a very well-known figure in combat sports for nearly two decades, has finally decided to retire as a mixed martial artist. A career full of ups and downs isn’t ending the way he expected, as he’s hanging up his gloves after losing 11 consecutive matches.

Silva’s professional career is quite diverse. His athletic background includes mixed-martial-arts (MMA), boxing, kickboxing, and bare knuckle boxing. He joined UFC in 2012, and over the next four years, he went on to win three fights. He was released from the promotion in 2016, although he signed up contract with several other promotions after that.

Bigfoot hasn’t had a good time since leaving the UFC. He tried boxing, kickboxing, and bare knuckle boxing but never won a single match The 43 year old Brazilian lost all the matches.

Several sources have confirmed that Bigfoot’s long fighting career has come to an end. He is no longer bound by any contract or promotion. Alex Davis, his former coach, recently revealed that he advised Bigfoot to give up and retire a few years ago, but he refused.

How fans reacted to Bigfoot’s retirement 

It didn’t come as a surprise to Bigfoot fans. They waited for the veteran fighter to retire because he was getting knocked out so helplessly. Many people are even relieved that they will not have to witness Bigfoot being humiliated in the ring again.

Fans are mostly happy and relieved to see the guy retire finally. Let us know how are you feeling following the retirement of this great man.

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