Ayesha Curry describes Canon, “Young Wolf” of Stephen Curry with 4 words on 5th birthday

On the occasion of her son Canon’s 5th birthday, Ayesha Curry, the wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry, shared a heartwarming message that provided a glimpse into the young boy’s personality. In just four words, Ayesha described feelings for Canon capturing his energy, spirit, and determination.

The Curry family has been known for their close bond and supportive dynamic, and Ayesha’s messsage sheds light on the special qualities that make Canon unique. Fans and followers of the Curry family eagerly joined in celebrating this milestone and eagerly await the continued growth and development of canon.

Stephen Curry celebrates son’s birthday with wife

Following their early exit from the playoffs, the Golden State Warriors and their star player Stephen Curry have shifted their focus to family matters. Spending quality time with his wife, Ayesha, and their three children, Riley, Ryan, and Canon, has been a priority for Curry during the offseason. Recently, they celebrated their youngest son Canon’s 5th birthday, which brought about a mix of emotions for both parents.

Ayesha Curry took to Instagram first to express her heartfelt sentiments on this special occasion. Her caption reflected her joy and nostalgia as she described Canon as their loving little boy, while also acknowledging how quickly time has flown by. Shortly after, Stephen Curry shared his own post, keeping it simple yet powerful. With the caption “Keep shining Young Wolf!! 🙏🏽 #5,” Curry conveyed his love and support for his son.

Stephen Curry


This touching display of affection by the Curry family showcases the strong bond they share and their commitment to cherishing the precious moments of their children’s lives. As they embark on a new month, July promises to be filled with warmth and happiness within the Curry household.

Son Canon is youngest among 3 Curry juniors

Among the three Curry juniors, Canon stands as the youngest and most endearing member of the family. The Golden State Warriors‘ early exit from the 2023 postseason prompted Stephen Curry to devote his time to his wife, Ayesha, and their three children: Riley, Ryan, and the adorable Canon. Recently, Canon celebrated his 5th birthday, a significant milestone that evoked a range of emotions for Steph and Ayesha, leading them to share heartfelt Instagram posts dedicated to their beloved son.

Canon brings a unique energy to the Curry family dynamic, with elder siblings Riley (10) and Ryan (7) looking after their younger brother. Ayesha Curry’s touching tribute for Canon’s birthday described him as “headstrong, courageous, smart, and loving.” Her words reflected her amazement at how swiftly time has passed and how much Canon has grown.

Stephen Curry, in his own special way, expressed his love and admiration for Canon. His concise yet impactful Instagram post referred to Canon as the “Young Wolf,” symbolizing the young boy’s resilience and potential. It showcased the family’s belief in Canon and their excitement for the remarkable person he is becoming.

Canon’s presence adds joy and excitement to the Curry household. As the youngest Curry junior, he brings a sense of wonder and curiosity, inspiring his siblings and captivating the hearts of his parents. With each passing year, Canon’s growth and development continue to unfold, creating cherished memories and strengthening the bond that ties the Curry family together.


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