Before UFC 291 Derrick Lewis confesses, he passed out during his last weigh-in: “I actually died”

Heavyweight fighter Derrick Lewis spills the beans ahead of UFC 291 about an incident that happened at his previous weigh-in, frightening both spectators and other competitors. Lewis frankly acknowledges that he lost consciousness during the weigh-in and even claims, “I actually died.”

The fans have expressed their interest in this finding because it is well-known that weight-cutting among competitors occurs in this sport. The knowledge of this close call intensifies The Black Beast’s forthcoming fight as he gets ready to square up against his opponent in the highly anticipated event. People are interested to watch how the heavyweight contender’s performance in the octagon might change in light of this revelation.

Derrick Lewis discloses a shocking incident

Derrick Lewis made a startling statement about a horrific occurrence that occurred during his final weigh-in before his fight with Serghei Spivac at UFC Fight Night 218 in February. The Brazilian said during the UFC 291 media day that he had a near-fatal experience right before the weigh-ins when he passed out and blacked out. The UFC heavyweight blamed his last-minute weight loss strategy, in which he lost over 25 pounds in only three days by abstaining from food and drinking only water, for this health risk.

“The Black Beast” said the incident served as a wake-up call for him, his family, and his team. He expressed regret about not giving his all during the fight with Spivac, which resulted in a first-round submission loss. He changed his weight-loss strategy after the experience, adopting a healthy diet and maintaining his discipline to prevent similar terrifying circumstances in the future.

The 38 years old thinks he is already at proper weight and does not need to lose any more weight going into UFC 291 and that he feels better physically. He is focused on having fun while exhibiting a new side of himself in the Octagon and is ready to prove himself in this battle.

Who will fight Derrick Lewis at UFC 291?

At UFC 291, Derrick Lewis will face Marcos Rogério de Lima. The occasion is slated to take place in Salt Lake City on July 29, 2023. Former heavyweight championship contender Lewis has recently struggled with his health and had a frightening incident during his most recent match against Serghei Spivac at UFC Fight Night 218 in February. He is adamant about breaking his losing streak and making a comeback in his career despite his recent losses.

Pezao, his opponent, has been successful lately and has won his past two matches, including a convincing win over Waldo Cortes-Acosta. De Lima wants to beat Lewis in the heavyweight contest and add to his recent string of victories.

Derrick Lewis
“The Black Beast” is known for his powerful striking abilities and has a record of 13 knockouts in the UFC, while Marcos Rogério de Lima has experienced ups and downs in his career but is heading into the fight with confidence after his most recent victories. The two fighters have quite different fighting styles.

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