Ben Simmons Blames “Mental Block” for the Fall Out with Brooklyn Nets

For a couple of years now, Ben Simmons is suffering from back issues circulating from a herniated disc in his back. For that, he is been avoiding facing the court.

He did not attend any pregame session for Game 3 and surely be ruled out from Game 4. Simmons blames that it is not only his physical discomfort that is depriving him of playing. Apparently, his back issues mess up his mental peace and confidence to play. 

The 25-year-old Nets player has been off the court this whole season. Even fans are doubting whether the situation is only about physical inability. After the last playoff loss with Boston Celtics, the team and the authority are already under pressure and disheartened.

On the other hand, Simmons is deliberately off the game. So, he is an easy target from the fans. And sources say that there is hate brewing against the player for not cooperating with the team. Even at one point, his agent told him that he doesn’t have to face the game, just suit up and sit on the bench for a while. Simmons declined the total proposal and stayed home.  

After the game in an interview, Head Coach Steve Nash admitted that the back problem is a real deal for the player. He even had to take an epidural during the game. As far as surgery is concerned, it will be considered later.

But the main problem is the long break from the game, the back pain- everything messed up with the game spirit, sportsmanship, and confidence in him. He acknowledged the fact that the anxiety created a ‘mental block’ and that directly influences his back pain.

All these hinting a possible dismissal from the Brooklyn Nets. Although the authority briefed that they will not disclose the current situation of the player right now, they will support him through thick and thin to come out of the slump. 


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