“Biggest joke of a WBC champion ever”: Boxing fans call for Tyson Fury to be stripped off title following reports suggesting imminent Francis Ngannou bout announcement

Recent developments have reignited speculation about a potential matchup between Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury. However, this update hasn’t generated much excitement among boxing fans, particularly those who are loyal supporters of Tyson Fury.

Many of them have taken to Twitter to express their dissatisfaction with the idea of Fury stepping into the ring with an MMA fighter. They believe that Fury’s skills and expertise lie in the realm of boxing, and they would prefer to see him compete against top-tier boxers rather than crossing over into MMA.

Fans slam Tyson Fury following reports claiming Ngannou fight to be announced soon

The idea of this mega-crossover bout has been hinted at by a number of renowned boxing promoters recently. Although no formal announcement has been made, it appears that the specifics of this showdown will soon be made public.

A user expressed that it is too early for Fury to experiment as he said, “I’d love to see Francis win a boxing belt in his first pro boxing fight but let’s be real it is poor from Tyson these kinda fights you take during the end of your career not in your prime.” 

Morgan Man is blaming Dana White for such crossover showdowns by stating, “Dana is about to announce so many huge fights for this fall. And none of the fighters in those announced fights will know it’s happening lol.” 

Bill Mueller thinks this will only ensure a win for ‘The Predator’ as he said, “f the fight happens, is it an automatic win for Francis regardless of the result or what he gets paid because a boxing match is what he wanted?” 

“Have we learned nothing from the Mayweather/McGregor fight? Fury is about to piece this man up for 10 rounds and put him to bed.” Willy Trill said. 

Some fans have also predicted what could be the result. A user made his prediction by saying, “Fury will outclass him so badly especially in boxing Ngannou ain’t lasting past 3 rounds. Ngannou carry’s too much muscle for a long boxing match.” 

Loosh Kin is also interested to know how they’re going to come up with the rules as be said, “So what are those weird rules I keep hearing about? Exhibition match, special rules, no KOs or knockdowns? Are they just gonna play pattycake the whole time?”

Fury defended WBC heavyweight title in December last year  

In December, Tyson Fury defended his WBC heavyweight title against Derek Chisora at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. As in their previous encounters, Fury showcased his dominance by brutally defeating Chisora in ten rounds.

The relationship between Fury and Chisora can be described as a love-hate one that has spanned over a long period. They first faced each other in 2011, then had a rematch in 2014, and most recently clashed again in 2022.

On each occasion, Fury emerged victorious, asserting his superiority over his rival in every conceivable manner.

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