Bill Goldberg brutally blasts Rihanna for her ‘horrible’ performance at Super Bowl LVII

Bill Goldberg is famous for his appearances in the WWE over the years. The athlete has resurfaced in News headlines for his controversial comments about the NFL and Super Bowl. While the Super Bowl this season lived up to its promise and offered some astonishing football that went down to the wire, the Halftime Show was a bigger hit!

Looking at the view count, the Super Bowl game between the Chiefs and the Eagles did manage to get a huge audience of 113 million. On the other hand, Rihanna’s Halftime Show surpassed the main event and received 118.7 million views!

Even though the Halftime Show was a major success thanks to her amazing performance of Rihanna, many fans did not appreciate her efforts. A lot of fans on social media platforms came out saying the show was “boring.” Bill Goldberg agreeing with those fans, went a bit further a made a comment that Rihanna fans would not approve of. 

What did Bill Goldberg say about Rihanna?

While appearing in the CarCast podcast, Bill sat with host Matt D’Andria. The two had a great conversation when Goldberg decided to “talk about entertainment.” Although the topic of the conversation was entertainment, Rihanna fans were not a bit entertained but became angry. 

The wrestling legend talking about the Halftime show revealed that he was “disgusted” by the singing sensation’s performance. The conversation went smoothly until Goldberg said, “So now we’ll talk about entertainment. I thought Rihanna was freakin’ horrible. I mean, I was disgusted by it. That’s all. Let’s just say that.”

Agreeing with the guest D’Andria also went with the flow and accepted the general comments of the fans and said, “I don’t know, it just seemed kind of boring.”

WWE star MVP seemed like a genuine Rihanna fan and bashed all her haters on Twitter, bringing politics, race and gender to the argument.

MVP did not know that Goldberg had used the same “disgusted” statement earlier, yet fans thought he was indicating the athlete in his tweet. Later, MVP clarified everything with another tweet. 

What did you feel about Rihanna’s Halftime Show? You can share your opinion in the comments.


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