Paige Spiranac applauds Rihanna’s “effortlessly cool” Super Bowl LVII halftime performance

Paige Spiranac has been covering the Super Bowl and events surrounding the NFL main event for a week now, and she has definitely enjoyed working with Inside Edition. Being the official correspondent for Inside Edition, Paige, a supporter of the Eagles, was not only able to see how players prepare for events like the Super Bowl but also got to witness the performance of the legendary 32-year-old Rihanna

The social media and golf influencer could not believe her eyes and went on to post about the mesmerizing performance of the singing legend. On Twitter, Paige Spiranac shared her views on Rihanna’s halftime show, which apparently did not impress fans!

What did Paige Spiranac write about Rihanna?

Paige, with her tweet, kept things very simple and wrote, “Rihanna is effortlessly cool, and that was amazing. That’s it. That’s the tweet.”

Even though Spiranac enjoyed the show, the fans did not appreciate what was taking place in the Super Bowl. Many fans earlier were outraged by the separate Black national anthem, and on top of everything, they could not even enjoy the highly awaited halftime show.

How did fans react to Paige’s tweet?

Fans did not seem to appreciate the halftime show. Moreover, their frustration could be visible in the comment section of Spiranac’s tweet. Many fans said they hated this Super Bowl’s halftime show, while others claimed it was “boring.”

A fan sharing his frustrated opinion about the halftime show wrote, “Sorry baby girl, but this type is halftime entertainment sucks. How about some really good ones again like Prince, Madonna, McCartney, Michael, U2 and many others. Cmon NFL, let’s get on the ball!”

While another fan wrote, “The acoustics sucked. It sounded so echoey. It was a boring show, but I did like the Umbrella song.”

Some fans commented positively about the halftime show. However, the majority of the people did not seem to get bored. 

What is your opinion regarding the halftime show? You can express yourself in the comments.


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