NBA Rumors: Blazers’ Damian Lillard shuts down Warriors trade speculations, suggesting he would rather ‘lose every year’ than join them

There are several reasons why a player would request a trade like what Damian Lillard did several weeks ago. Some of those reasons are best known to him. Before now he made it clear his intention to join the Miami Heat, but it seems the Portland Trail Blazers are not ready to trade the player who has spent over 9 seasons with them.

He has recently disengaged himself with rumors linking him with the Golden State Warriors. Though in dilemma due to the Blazers not willing to have trade discussions with teams amid the start of 2023 2024 season.  

Damian Lillard talks on trade to Warriors

Damian Lillard wishes to be traded to the Miami Heat, but Portland is reaching out to teams across the league in search of a third team. Various rumors concerning a potential third team are circulating linking him to the Golden State Warriors. Lillard however debunked the story when he said “It Is What It Is” on a podcast that he does not like the idea of joining a team that has many NBA stars in it. From what he said he was referring to Kevin Durant’s switch to the Golden State Warriors.

According to a tweet @TheDunkCentral “Damian Lillard says he would rather lose ‘every year’ before joining Golden State “I respect what they’ve been doing over the last eight, nine years or whatever and I’m from there obviously. That’s home. But I can’t be a part of that…. It don’t even make sense. I never do…

The Blazers guard believes he can’t do what Durant did by joining the Warriors because it would look like he joined his “home team.” The infamous Durant move was highly criticized when he moved and it is still one of the most debated NBA topics today.

Update on Damian Lillard’s trade

Damian Lillard has asked to be traded for more than two months now but till now he hasn’t been traded and he is still with the team worried and nervous as the new season approaches. On ESPN’s NBA Today, Marc J. Spears made an appearance and gave the most recent information on trade talks involving the seven-time All-Star.

According to NBA insider Marc Spears “Well, the latest I’m hearing is that the Blazers have been talking to several teams… that also suggests that they could be willing to send him somewhere that’s not the Miami Heat, which is certainly very curious.

Damian Lillard

“It’s one thing for a team to trade for a player that doesn’t wanna be there, but to get a player that’s a top-75 player, that you know, is gonna be professional, but will he really be a happy employee? Do you wanna do that to Dame Lillard? That’s the biggest question. Who has the guts to do it as well, like would Boston do it?” It looks like he won’t be traded to the Miami Heat that he initially wanted to go to but on another team. He is still not confident about the team he will be traded to.


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